ChaiSpa: New and Innovative Pyramid Tea Bags

ChiaSpa By Teafloor

ChaiSpa Pyramid Tea Bags : Imagine sleeping soundly without any work related stress or waking up with a bundle of energy. Imagine if you could lose a few extra pounds without worrying about another keto diet. Imagine being able to solve most of your problems with small green tea bags.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to revamp our daily routines in order to boost our health. With volatile lifestyles, it is difficult to find ways to stay healthy. Plus, we’re eager to travel, become successful professionals and stay fit, all at the same time. With hopes to achieve the best of all worlds, we dream about enjoying our lives without worrying about our physical or mental health.

However, in this pursuit of a perfect lifestyle, our generation has become unsure of whether they should spend an extra hour at the gym or use that same hour to improve upon work. But with changing times, come unique solutions to our typical problems. And this is where a whole new category of teas come into play.

What are Wellness Teas?

For over a thousand years, people have trusted a variety of herbs for their specific medicinal properties. Botanical herbs combined with the goodness of green tea is what gives birth to wellness teas. For those with busy schedules, wellness teas work as quick and easy health swaps. Their consumption provides relief from mental as well as physical health ailments like stress, indigestion, skin problems, bloating, anxiety, insomnia etc. They are rich in anti-oxidants and help boost the body’s immunity, while getting rid of free radicals.

While there are a variety of teas out there, wellness teas are specifically drawn to deliver solutions for specific humane problems.

What is ChaiSpa by Teafloor?

ChaiSpa is a wellness tea range carefully crafted by Teafloor’s master blenders. Made with the finest ingredients, it delivers the perfect cup of well-being to its drinker. The goal of ChaiSpa is to help one live their life as their best versions. Each blend by ChaiSpa helps the consumer manage different aspects of life that have an effect on their physical and mental health.

Encased in pyramid tea bags made from nylon mesh, ChaiSpa teas are coloured and textured to the liking of everyone. These big sized tea bags help tea leaves unfold and expand properly during the brewing process, delivering a good, full bodied taste. In simpler words, ChaiSpa is Teafloor’s initiative to rethink how tea shapes our lives.

ChiaSpa nidra pyramid tea bags

There are seven varieties of ChaiSpa pyramid tea bags available for the drinkers targeting their specific needs:

Nidra Pyramid Tea Bags:

Proper amount of sleep is that one thing that can fix a lot of our mental and physical health issues. From budding fatigue to acne, there is nothing that right amount of sleep cannot fix. However, nothing is worse than going to bed early, only to wake up still feeling exhausted. To help us get the best possible sleep, ChaiSpa offers Nidra pyramid tea bags. A carefully curated mix of lavender, passion flower and chamomile blended with green tea, Nidra provides its drinkers a chance to sleep soundly, without a worry in the world. It is the best means to render a fully satisfying sleep.

Urja Pyramid Tea Bags:

One of the biggest misconceptions that we have is that hitting the snooze button on our alarms every morning makes us less tired, since we’re getting those extra five minutes of sleep. However, it does the opposite of that. An energy drained morning can mean an energy drained day. To add that spark of energy in our day, ChaiSpa’s Urja pyramid tea bags are the best answer. A tasty concoction of white sage, hibiscus and lemongrass, with green tea, a cup of Urja brings momentum to a lazy start, so that one can remain fresh and zeal all day long.

Shuddhi Pyramid Tea Bags:

The moment we hear the term ‘detox’, our mind wanders to strange herbal concoctions and unpleasant dietary shots. We all understand how testing it is to put ourselves through a detox programme. However, we cannot forget that it is vital to detox our bodies to help it function efficiently. Shuddhi pyramid tea bags are an amazing switch for those bitter detox juices. It is a blend of stinging nettle, lemon peel and cranberries with green tea, loaded with antioxidants, packed inside pyramid tea bags. These antioxidants aid in eliminating free radicals in our bodies, helping our cells function with ease.

Ananda Pyramid Tea Bags:

High-pressure workdays, long commutes, raising kids, not enough sleep or exercise, all the while trying to make ends meet, results in some serious stress. From early aging to heart problems to long-term disability, stress continues to have adversely irreversible effects on our bodies. In such situations, all we need to do is take a deep breath and drink Ananda pyramid tea bags, a brilliant infusion of rose, passion flower and ashwagandha with green tea. The polyphenols packed in these green tea bags work as natural muscle relaxants. A cup of Ananda is a reward to oneself to put a long and stressful day behind.

Arogya Pyramid Tea Bags:

As the season takes a turn towards a colder setting, our bodies become more prone to diseases and infections. In fact, most of us can already feel the flu setting in. No matter how strong our immune system is, it always needs a helping hand to protect us from big and small infections. Rather than loading our bodies with artificial immune boosters, try ChaiSpa’s Arogya pyramid tea bags. A resplendent mix of rose petals, tulsi and moringa, these green tea bags are a package of rejuvenation for our immune system.

Spoorti Pyramid Tea Bags:

Leading a fit life is always on our minds. Instead of treating fitness like a challenge, one should embrace it and turn it into a lifestyle. A helping hand in this transformation can be Spoorti pyramid tea bags. A daily fix of green tea fused with kokum flower, orange zest and blueberry will be helpful in bringing those goals to life.

Trupti Pyramid Tea Bags:

In India, it’s always festive season. And with festive season comes the festive hangover followed by a ‘food coma’. This can definitely put a serious strain on our digestive system. Trading that after dinner coffee for a cup of tea is a good idea to counter any digestive issues. In comes Trupti pyramid tea bags, an interfusion of green tea with fennel, orange rind and lemon peel. Its antioxidant rich nature strengthens our metabolism which is the key to a hearty body and mind.

The ChaiSpa pyramid tea bags are an exciting alternative for other caffeinated and artificial beverages. They empower us to finally take our health into our hands, while giving us an exceptional culinary experience. And with the holiday season around the corner, these beautifully packaged green tea bags are not just a wonderful gift for ourselves, but also for our loved ones.

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