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  • 5 Surprising Benefits of Assam Tea | Assam Tea History

    Benefits of Assam Tea

    Assam being one of the most beautiful states in India is known for its alluring river valleys, mountains and hills. The fact that it is surrounded by the Northern Himalayas, the Brahmaputra plains and the Deccan plateau on three sides – makes it one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. Apparently, entire state […]

  • Independence Day
  • Did You Set Yourself Free This Independence Day?

    Happy Independence Day 2018

    It’s an inarguable fact that almost every Indian is aware of the proud history of how our country became independent on 15th August 1947. Undeniably the journey that Indians had to undergo to get their freedom was a very difficult one. Since our first Independence Day, until now, our country has changed a great deal. […]

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  • Discover the New Meaning of Mindful with a Cup of Tea

    Discover the New Meaning of Mindful with a Cup of Tea

    If you start to look for the dictionary meaning of the word mindful, a lot of words would pop up like the state of being aware, alive, awake or alert. However, have you ever tried taking a deeper dive into the actual meaning of mindfulness? Well, if the answer is no, here we have something […]

  • Black Tea
  • This Friendship Day, Let Tea make your Bonds Stronger

    Friendship Day 2018

    When someone says friendship, it’s felt deep inside our hearts. From a child to a grown up man, everyone is aware of this one magical feeling. It is something that means more to us than any other relationship. The best part of our childhood memories are the times that we’ve spent with our friends. And […]

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  • Different Types of Green Tea You Need to Know About

    типы зеленого чая

    It seems like an unwritten rule that a cup of tea is bound to hold a number of stories around itself. Right from its creation, until now, the story of tea begins with a handful of myths. However, the story of its unique creation deserves to be known by all. Talking about the uniqueness of […]

  • Tea and Health
  • 5 Impressive Health Benefits of White Tea

    Health Benefits of White Tea

    Perhaps, white tea, is one of the most underrated teas in the whole world. Even though it is replete with health benefits galore, it is yet to grab the limelight. Most people are unaware of the existence of white tea. Made from the same Camellia sinesis plant as the black, green and oolong brew, white […]

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  • How Long Does Loose Leaf Tea Stay Fresh

    Does Loose Leaf Tea Stay Fresh

    Tea, like a lot of other drinks usually has a best before date, and not an expiration date or use by date. It is so because after some time it loses its flavour and aroma or may go completely stale. However, the time period up to which tea may remain good depends on its type […]

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  • Masala Chai Recipe- Straight from your Favourite Tea Stalls

    masala chai recipe

      Print Masala Chai Recipe Tea plantations in India started as early as the first decade of the 19th century. Since then, tea has grown to become an integral part of the Indian culture, and traditions have emerged around the beloved Indian chai. There is no single occasion in our country which is complete without […]

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  • Brew Tea Like a PRO in Just 5 Simple Steps

    Brew Tea like a PRO!

    “I like my tea a little too sweet.” “My cup is incomplete without cardamom.” “Wish I could drink some more.” In short, some teas are something to someone in some way. From you to us to every other tea drinker in the world, the meaning of tea changes every time when we try a new […]

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  • Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte Recipe | Earl Grey Tea Recipe

    Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte Recipe

      Print Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte Recipe Just imagine yourself waking up early in the morning and finding yourself in the middle of a garden full of freshly grown flowers and fruits. Isn’t that beautiful? The fragrance around you is silently consuming your body and mind and making you feel juvenile than ever. […]