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  • Tea and Health
  • 6 Alternative Uses of Green Tea for Skin


    “I just want clear skin, full brows and 5 million dollars,” said every human who woke up feeling destitute, both in terms of money and positiveness. For innumerable times, we wake up wanting everything in our lives to be perfect. We want a perfect romance, a perfect job, a perfect house- basically perfect everything. So, […]

  • Black Tea
  • 5 Ways Black Tea Can Make You Healthier

    Healthier Black Tea

    Black tea has been widely consumed as a beverage and medicine from centuries. In China, black tea is used as a medicine for its healing properties. Many of the ancient uses are being rediscovered as modern science is finding new uses for the world’s second most popular beverage. Aids in weight loss: Black tea’s health […]

  • What’s New!
  • How Water Quality and Temperature Affects The Taste of Tea

    Taste of Tea

    Have you ever thought about what your tea consists of? Obviously, there are tea leaves but they constitute only 1% of your cuppa, the rest 99% is water! So definitely water, as a major ingredient, influences the aroma and taste of tea. One of the most important factors that go into making the perfect cup […]

  • All About Tea
  • Can you Reuse Tea Bags? In More Ways Than One

    Teafloor -Tea Bags

    Are you someone who loves using tea bags for their convenience? Have you ever stopped to rethink your decision to use tea bags just once and then throwing them away? Well, as an environmentally conscious person, I certainly have. Most commercial tea bags are made from 25 per cent plastic, which doesn’t make them exactly […]

  • What’s New!
  • Shelf Life Of Tea: How To Get Most From Every Cup

    Shelf Life Of Tea

    With different varieties available, choosing the right tea can be an overwhelming task. A lot of information is available about the brewing techniques, health benefits of tea etc. Surprisingly, little is known about the shelf life of tea. There is a common misconception that tea has no shelf life. Did you know that tea has […]

  • What’s New!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants in Teas

    Antioxidants in Teas

    If you are a health fanatic or an avid reader here at Teafloor, you know that the major health benefits of teas come from this powerful compound called antioxidant. Be it any health condition, from minor stress to cancer, it is said that the antioxidants in teas can help you treat any disease. However, there […]

  • What’s New!
  • 5 of the Most Charming Darjeeling Tea Gardens in the World

    Darjeeling Tea Gardens

    Out of all the heavenly abodes in India, Darjeeling is one of the most exquisite places this nation has to offer. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Darjeeling is the Mecca of tea producing regions. With its tantalising aroma and captivating flavour, a cup of Darjeeling tea is just irresistible. Furthermore, dotted with colonial bungalows and […]

  • What’s New!
  • The ultimate guide on how to enjoy “me” time

    how to enjoy "me" time

    Do you recall? The time, when things seem a little out of hand, The time, No amount of sleep comes to rescue. The time, the heart begins to shrink, the soul tired to death, yet you must not stop, The time, you cease to exist. Amongst the endless worries about commitments made to others, do […]

  • All About Tea
  • Five Appetising Beverages That Add Life To Your Bland Whole 30 Diet

    Whole 30 Diet

    All set for another new diet? Or is it your first one? Whatever may be the case, “How to stay sane during the diet?” is a question that intrigues all of us. This question holds importance for the Whole 30 diet as well. This article is here to help you answer that question. It will […]

  • What’s New!
  • Caffeine in Tea & Your Other Favourite Beverages

    Comparing Caffeine in Tea, Coffee, Soda and Energy Drinks

    Being a drug whose appeal has shown no sign of dissuading, caffeine is a stimulant for the central nervous system which is present in almost every beverage that we consume. An ingredient of a beverage that had over 136 million bags exported around the world in 2012, caffeine’s popularity is one that knowingly or unknowingly […]