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  • Apple Cinnamon Tea Latte Recipe

      Print Apple Cinnamon Tea Latte As the winter winds roll around the corner, everyone looks out for drinks like hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced coffees. But for us, nothing fills the heart and home with warmth like a steaming, aromatic cup of tea. A perfectly curated cup of tea inspires musings and conversations. However, […]

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  • Is Green Tea Good for Hair Growth?

    Green Tea for Hair

    Short, long, spikes, or maybe a bob; we all love having healthy hair in various textures. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of money maintaining them as well. What most people don’t realise is that the quality of our hair largely depends on what we consume. The healthier our diet is the healthier our hair is. […]

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  • How Can Tea Bags Help To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes

    Tea Bags

    As we leave our childhood behind, puffy or swollen eyes become our companion in almost every phase of life. Starting from students who pull all nighters, either for studies or for binge watching their favourite series, to those who work around the clock to earn a happy living, everyone becomes a prey to dark circles. […]

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  • Tea for Diwali: It’s Time To Rethink Your Diwali Gifts

    diwali gifts hamper

    The culturally rich land of India has numerous festivals. Almost every time of the year, some part of the country is bustling with one festival or the other. But one of the most popular festivals in India, and overseas, is Diwali. This decorated pan Indian festival is known for lighting up our lives with bright […]

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  • Reasons You Should Choose Tea Over Coffee

    Reasons You Should Choose Tea Over Coffee

    When comparing coffee and tea, it is certainly a difficult choice to make for most of us. Since time immemorial there have been debates over the benefits of these two beverages. What most people usually do is overindulge in whichever beverage they prefer more and thus, fail to weigh their benefits and side effects. It’s […]

  • Tea and Health
  • Which Tea Has The Most Anti-Oxidants?

    After water, tea is the highest consumed beverage in the world. It is one of the healthiest drinks available, enriched with the goodness of antioxidants. Tea is an enticing and pleasingly distinct beverage, which comes in a wonderful variety. Green tea, Black tea, White tea and Oolong teas are the basic ones, which originate from […]

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  • A Tea for Every Mood | What’s your Favourite?

    tea for every mood

    As we begin talking about tea, the first thing that comes to our mind is its therapeutic benefits. It’s a fact that tea does help us to stay in good health and mind. From reducing the chances of heart attacks to keeping us hydrated, it solves numerous problems. However, there is one thing about tea […]

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  • How are Pyramid Tea Bags Better than Regular Tea Bags?

    Pyramid Tea Bags

    Our lifestyles have evolved drastically in the past few decades. A person buried underneath their busy schedules finds it almost impossible to enjoy brewing a good cup of tea.  Moreover, if you’re a tea lover, chances are you are familiar with Pyramid tea bags. These tiny, porous, sealed bags contain tea, which can be dipped into […]

  • Tea and Health
  • What is the Best Tea for Anxiety and Stress Relief?

    Tea for Anxiety

    With increasing difficulties of a rapidly changing lifestyle, physical and mental stress has become one of the most common problems of everyone’s life. It’s no secret that no matter how much we try to avoid this issue, it’s difficult to deal with. It not only affects us mentally but also starts to affect our day […]

  • Tea and Health
  • Types of Morning Tea to Boost your Immune System

    Boost your Immune System

    It is a morning ritual for most of us to wake up and grab a cup of piping hot tea before we begin our day. For most of us, it’s impossible to even bat an eyelash, or attend to nature’s call without downing a cup of tea. There’s just something so elating about tea that […]