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  • Hibiscus Tea Recipe For Your Next Tea Party

    Hibiscus tea recipe

      Print Hibiscus Tea Recipe Hibiscus, a flowering plant is inherent in many parts of the creation, but mainly Africa. People who are fond of hibiscus tea must be aware that it is also referred to as Roselle, China Rose and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Although, not much research has been done on Hibiscus tea, experts put […]

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  • The Bubbly Irish Dame- An Irish Breakfast Tea Recipe

    Irish tea latte

      Print Irish Breakfast tea Recipe The tradition of sitting down for a cup of strong black tea has been in practice for centuries. Tea time allows people to sit together and socialise, curb those carb cravings or just sit and relax to gather their thoughts. Tea time has often been accompanied by the likes […]

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  • Life Story Tea Session with Colleagues

    cup of tea

    I recently joined as a copywriting intern at Teafloor to learn and explore the field. Fortunately, I found two to three great writers to mentor me who, apart from being good at what they write, are good conversationalists too. Well, I guess both these things go hand in hand. So, came a cup of tea […]

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  • Women’s Day – How Can You Make it Special for Her?

    Teafloor Women’s Day - How Can You Make it Special for Her

    Women’s day is around the corner. So how are you going to celebrate the lives of women in your life? Are you planning something different? Or, are you still in the dilemma of choosing what to give? Well, women are complicated to decipher, but the answer to this isn’t that uncertain. Every woman wants love […]

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  • 5 Mantras for a ‘Digitox’ with Green Tea

    5 Mantras for a ‘Digitox’ with Green Tea

    The weather is warming up and while everything is slowly changing into something beautiful and warmer, you are still staring at the screen of your phone. Though not many of you want to admit it, it’s true. You are addicted to your phone. And though, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it isn’t a great […]

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  • Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea: Turmeric tea- A Healthy Blend

    turmeric tea

    Health Benefits of Turmeric Natural plant products have been used for their medicinal benefits since the beginning of human history. Turmeric is a spice and has long been recognized for its medicinal properties.  Turmeric is the root or the rhizome of the Curcuma Longa plant and belongs to the same family of plants as ginger. […]

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  • Green Tea in a Functional Food Diet

    Functional Food

    Functional food diet is a food diet with positive health effects that extend beyond their nutritional value. All foods are functional to some extent because all foods provide taste, aroma and nutritive value. However, foods which provide added physiological benefits, which may reduce chronic disease risk, called the functional foods are of great interest globally […]

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  • Tea Blending- How Do We Do It? Create Your Perfect Blend.

    Tea Blending- How Do We Do It? Create Your Perfect Blend.

    Hello, Teetotalers! Is your regular tea making you bored now? Are you figuring out ways to make your tea more interesting? If yes, you’ve dropped by the right place. Today, we’re going to talk about tea blends with loose tea leaves and tea bags that even money can’t buy. But prior to that let us […]

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  • Chai Time Treats: Our Favourite Tea Time Snacks and their Origins

    teafloor : tea time snacks

    The clock strikes 4.30 pm and your stomach gives out a light rumble. It’s been over two hours since you’ve had lunch, and maybe another three to four hours before you eat dinner. Then there is also the issue of your entire day’s exhaustion, which is about to hit you like a train, any second. […]

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  • Share to Cure – “Cough and Cold”

    Cough and Cold

    Person: PRAVEEN PATHAK I am from Delhi but I am working in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The temperature here is mostly low due to which I suffer from dry cough and cold constantly. Sometimes it is humid while sometimes it is dry here. Though I am not very fond of medicines, I have been eating them […]