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  • Tea Recipes
  • How To Make Chamomile Green Tea From Teabags

    chamomile tea recipe

    Chamomile green tea is a type of herbal tonic known for its medicinal properties and beauty benefits. It is popular for its floral taste which elevates mood and relaxes the mind. The best part of drinking this tea is that it contains a negligible amount of calories and caffeine. It is generally recommended to consume […]

  • Tea Recipes
  • The Perfect Homemade English Breakfast Tea Recipe

    English Breakfast Tea Recipe

      Print English Breakfast Tea Recipe English Breakfast Tea is a black tea that is famous as the ultimate brew to bid off early morning blues and to give your regular busy day a proper blissful direction. To get those lovely moments daily, it is crucial, especially for tea fanatics, to know how to brew […]

  • All About Tea
  • Tea for Monsoon- A Tea Lover’s Guide for the Healthiest Blends this Season

    Tea for Monsoon

    For me, monsoon is a season that brings about relief after the savage Indian summers. Fluttering with petrichor and nostalgia, this season brings me back to my college days. It was a time when rains were a prominent part of life in the Doon valley and tea was a constant companion. And when the real […]

  • Tea Recipes
  • How To Make Herbal Tea At Home – 3 Amazing Herbal Tea Recipes

    herbal tea recipe

    Did you know that herbal tea is not actually tea? Yes, herbal tea (or tisane) is made from the different parts of plants and shrubs except for Camellia Sinensis i.e. true tea. Tisanes are naturally caffeine free and can be enjoyed hot or cold. They have become popular for their unique aroma, taste and medicinal […]

  • Tea Recipes
  • 5 Effortless Detox Tea Recipes For Healthy Body And Glowing Skin

    Detox - teafloor

    It wasn’t only in the Ramayana or the Mahabharata that we needed to kill demons, our bodies are a battleground too. With demons (read bad chemicals) invading all parts of our bodies through the products and the polluted air that we daily consume, it is necessary to fight them. This calls for a need for […]

  • All About Tea
  • 8 Struggles That Every Tea Lover Will Understand

    Tea Lover

    Do you need a hot cup of tea first thing in the morning? Do you need refills of tea throughout the day? Do you spend a lot of money on purchasing tea? If yes, then you are a true tea lover! Honestly, being a tea lover has never been easy. Let’s Have a Look at […]

  • All About Tea
  • How Tea Boosts Happy Hormones That Turn You Into A Happy Soul

    Happy tea cup

    Sleep, gut and mood, the three crucial factors for good health, are all interrelated. If one goes wrong, the other two are very likely to go downhill too. Considering this, don’t we all need that magic potion which keeps all these three factors always in check? Well, tea is one such elixir. It not only […]

  • All About Tea
  • Beginner’s Guide: How Tea helps with Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting

    What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting is basically an eating pattern that restricts the amount of time you are allowed to eat. There are many forms of this kind of eating method, like ● The 16/8 method ● The 5:2 diet ● Eat-Stop-Eat And many more. The simplest form is the 16/8 method, where you […]

  • What’s New!
  • A Festive Delight- Raksha Bandhan Gifts By Teafloor

    Raksha Bandhan Gifts by Teafloor

    The significance of Raksha Bandhan as a festival has become far more important than it was ever before. India today is more urbanised, with nuclear families. Therefore, festivals like Raksha Bandhan give families a chance to get together and celebrate relationships that bind us together and are greater than any love. A Sanskrit word, ‘Raksha […]

  • All About Tea
  • A Complete Guide On Every Type Of Tea That Exists

    Every Types Of Tea That Exists

    Tea, or as I like to name it- “the flavour of all seasons”, can be classified based on various factors. These include types of tea such as black or white, location such as China or India, and nature of processing like scented or flavoured teas. In the same way, premium teas are classified based on […]