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  • Top 5 Fitness Apps Paired with the Top 5 Wellness Teas

    Top 5 Fitness Apps Paired with the Top 5 Wellness Teas

    An average human being spends around 2-3 hours daily on his phone. For those of us who are constantly running out of time, this knowledge can prove to be a boon. Won’t it be really beneficial if we could cut that time out altogether for our health and wellbeing? But, as we all know, in […]

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  • Aam Panna Iced Tea Recipe

    Aam Panna Iced Tea Recipe

      Print Tropical Aam Panna Iced Tea Recipe The season of summer means tropical winds, healthy tan lines and a ton of flavoured iced beverages to beat the heat. It’s the season where it’s time to switch the Netflix off and head out to absorb that healthy sunshine; with layers of sunscreen on, of course. […]

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  • Let’s Enhance the Essence of Mother’s Day with Chai Memories

    teafloor Mother’s Day gifts

    While having a discussion with friends about the upcoming Mother’s Day, I realised how amazing and relatable memories we all have with our mothers. So I thought of sharing them with you. Relatable for you or not, these will at least remind you of your own chai moments with your mother. That might even help […]

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  • How The Buffalo Helped Me Turn a Vegan

    turn a Vegan

    It’s been two months since I joined Teafloor. Being a final year college student and a first timer for internships, this transition for me has been a little taxing. A good point to consider is that I am getting to learn what I always wanted to, writing.During this little course of time, a lot has […]

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  • 8 Unique Tea Traditions that you should know about

    Tea Traditions

    Primordial to the lush green mountains of the Yunnan province in Southwestern China, the Camellia sinensis plant, more commonly known as tea, is a shrub we all are familiar with. The Camellia sinensis bush has over a thousand varieties of itself, spread across the vast lands of the world. However, each of its variety has […]

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  • 7 Healthy Teas That Bid Guilt Adieu (We’re Sure You Need The 5th One!)

    Healthy Teas

    Are you guilty of doing something? Or not doing something? It is said that an average person spends around 5 hours a week feeling guilty about something. A little bit of guilt might help you be more responsible, but too much of it may cause anxiety, insomnia, and headache. In fact, it won’t be long […]

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  • Tea Sommelier- Chasing Your Dreams With Tea

    tea sommelier

    ‘Love what you do, and do what you love!’ At Teafloor, we are all tea lovers. We have a team of tea connoisseurs and tea specialists who work collectively to keep the tradition of tea alive. We have a number of tea enthusiasts as active members of Teafloor. Did you know a tea specialist is […]

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  • Tea Infuser 101: A Simple History and Guide to Using Tea Infusers

    Tea Infuser 101

    In more recent times, the popularity of brewing loose leaf tea has grown exceptionally. Tea enthusiasts are actively looking for new ways to brew their exotic loose tea leaves, in order to extract the best flavour from them. One of the oldest yet intelligible ways of brewing in vogue is the use of a tea […]

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  • The What, Why, How of Side Hustles

    drinking tea

    What is a Side Hustle? It is a job you pursue in addition to your regular job to bring in some extra income and hence help yourself gain financial freedom. It can also be called an asset that works for you, the precondition of which is that you need to work hard on it. Now […]

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  • Hibiscus Tea Recipe For Your Next Tea Party

    Hibiscus tea recipe

      Print Hibiscus Tea Recipe Hibiscus, a flowering plant is inherent in many parts of the creation, but mainly Africa. People who are fond of hibiscus tea must be aware that it is also referred to as Roselle, China Rose and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Although, not much research has been done on Hibiscus tea, experts put […]