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  • All About Tea
  • Shifting Towards Healthier Beverages in Southeast Asia

    Why Herbal Tea

    Thanks to internet and social media, people are becoming more and more conscious of healthy living. With this objective, people focus on their daily exercise, yoga, work life balance, sleeping habits, food and beverages. While all these factors require rigorous commitment in terms of time and compromise on pleasure, an appropriate control on beverages is […]

  • What’s New!
  • The Making of 100 Times Washed Ghee

    Making of 100 Times Washed Ghee Shata Dhauta Ghrita The

    Shata Dhauta Ghrita is an age-old Ayurveda formulation specified in ancient Ayurveda’s classical textbook Charaka Samhita. It is one of the therapeutic product made from cow’s ghee. Shata Dhauta Ghrita is also known as 100 times washed ghee (‘Shata’ meaning ‘one hundred’, ‘Dhauta’ meaning ‘washed’ & ‘Ghrita’ meaning ‘Ghee’). ‘Shata Dhauta Ghrita is the only […]

  • What’s New!
  • Immuni-Tea – How Tea can Boost your Immunity for the Battle Against Diseases!

    Boost your immune system Teafloor

    Teas have been used since ancient times as medicinal potions that help treat diseases. All thanks to the vital ingredients present in tea leaves. From antioxidants to the blended herbs of teas, each element brings the goodness of health with every sip you drink. And that, with a strong robust flavor and aroma, that cherishes […]