10 Places worth visiting for a cup of Chai with friends

So many conversations of ours would remain incomplete if we didn’t have Chai as our companion. It is our reason to get a break from mundane routine. Have you ever wondered that ‘the last minute exam preparation tea break’, the ‘that meeting made no sense tea break’ or ‘I want a little breather from everything’ tea break, are in fact our excuses to grab a quick cup of tea during the day. Along with the sips of tea, form best of bonds with your friends, colleagues and memories to cherish a lifetime!

Tea is responsible for adding the romance to the monsoons, isn’t it? Whether a student or a working professional, one hangout joint that brings conversations, laughter, anger, sadness out and forms friendships is the Chai Time Joint. Considering how important place it holds in our lives, we have compiled a list of tea joints that are famous for serving their top quality Chai all the time.

Laxman Rao, Delhi :-

If you belong to Delhi, then you must have known this man. He not only serves tea at his tea stall, but also loves telling stories to his customers and keep them entertained all the time. Laxman Rao, apart from making the most delicious tea for his customers, happens to be a part time book writer. Yes, you read it right. Those who have visited him, know how interesting it is to have tea at his stall. Now here’s where your chai got more interesting, what say?

Baba Chaiwala :-

In a city known for cultivating the most tasty oranges Nagpur, you will find the best tea at Baba Chaiwala’s stall. His tea stall is run since last 50 years and has been cheering the mood of his customers ever since. The method of tea preparation has been here, has been passed down for generations. They add little water to the milk, giving rich taste to the tea and has been attracting customers for years. It is their love for making tea that has kept the tea stall going for so many years.

University Road, Ahmedabad :-

This is one of the prime locations of Ahmedabad where students from Gujarat University to working professionals come only for a cup of ‘kadak cha’ (strong tea.) The lane has a string of ketli wallas (kettle tea servers) that serve tea along with a friendly smile and a question – ‘how has your day been?’ Along with tes, they serve Bun Maska which is to die for and is a must accompaniment with your chai. People from across the city visit here only for this specific combination.

Maqbool, Kashmir :-

The snowy mountains and beautiful scenes will capture your heart in Kashmir and Maqbool’s special ‘kadak chai’ (strong tea) will want you to never leave it. This man is famous for serving ‘kadak chai’ with ginger and sharing stories, conversations of the city that you may never read in books or papers. He will help you with details dating back to freedom to now, and with a warm smile serve yet another cup of tea.

Abir Chaiwala, Mumbai :-

In a city famous for its chaos, you will find a tea-seller with a compassionate at heart at Abir Chaiwala. He makes tea that you can’t get enough of, in one cup. His love for making tea can be tasted in every sip of tea from his stall. He serves a variety of tea from regular ginger tea, to masala tea and even lemongrass tea. You will also find a little garden of plants that he grows and takes care of, himself.

The Tapri walas Chai indeed occupies a special space in our hearts with their service, their being and the taste of chai. To cater our new age ‘cafe’ culture, India now also has lot of tea boutiques coming up that serve exquisite varieties of tea, along with accompaniments and quirky ambience. Here are some noteworthy teafe’s that you might want to try out the next time you choose to meet up your pals.

Chaayos :-

Spread across various cities in India, this chai-chain is slowly becoming tea lover’s favourite hang-out place. Chaayos is especially known for asking their customers “what is your Meri Wali Chai?” (what is your my-type tea?) Their most loved tea is the kadak chai (strong tea) with flavours of fresh ginger, basil leaves and black pepper. Most popular chais at Chaayos are Hari Mirch Chai (Green pepper tea), Aam Papad Chai (Mango pulp tea) and God’s Chai. They also serve a variety of Kulhad Chai, Kashmiri Kahwa and special Chais like Honey Ginger Lemon Chai and Golden Green Chai. Pick your favourite amongst any of these, they are assured best of quality and taste.

Tea Centre, Mumbai :-

One of Mumbai’s famous tea joint, Tea Centre was started by the Tea Board of India. This also happens to be one of the few tea lounges that serves tea prepared using authentic methods. They use fresh ingredients, brew it as per India tea standards and serve the best quality teas. They also have the most delicious accompaniments like sandwiches, pasta and cheese garlic toast.

Chaipatty, Bangalore and Mumbai

This teafe (as they call themselves) is a cross between a college canteen and a roadside tea stall. If hot chai in a kullad is what tickles your fancy, this is the perfect hangout place for you. Along with this, you must enjoy a tummy filling, wholesome snack dish like Pakodas, Maggi and more. They also host various art workshops to help you have a memorable experience when you visit them.

Flurys, Kolkata

The old world charm and grandeur of a European cafe has been modernised, yet Flurys continues to be a relaxed meeting place for people from Kolkata. With a menu that serves different varieties of teas, the one that tops the list and is our favourite is Darjeeling tea. They brew it perfectly and is extremely comforting, during the monsoon. Add to that the chicken and mushroom quiche or the all-day indulgent breakfast, and you have a winning combination that is irresistible.

The Tea Place, Pune

With an ambience that makes every visitor fall in love with it, The Tea Place serves lots of variety in teas. The most unique chai we picked off its menu is the Arabic Tea. If you’re lucky, they also let you in their brewery and help you learn how to brew a perfect Tea. Their green tea with pomegranate is soothing and relaxes instantly. For lovers of zesty flavours, there is the green tea with tangerine and citrus. It is an ideal place for every tea lover fond of having tea peacefully while enjoying its thoughtful structure.

Needless to say, in India you can find any kind of tea you love and prefer in every corner of the country. Tea is not just our favourite beverage but a companion. What say?

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