Delicious Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Recipe

Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Recipe


Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

Pomegranate is one of the most unique and delicious fruits ever known to mankind. Pomegranate juice contains more than 100 phytochemicals and has been used as a medicinal plant in different fields of science. Pomegranate receives its vibrant red hue from the polyphenols it contains within it. It is known to have 3 times more antioxidants than the green tea itself. It protects the cells from damage and reduces inflammation, thereby protecting your body from cancer. It contains 40% of the vitamin C required in your daily diet and aids in digestion. Teafloor pomegranate iced tea is the best way to start your morning.

Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4 People
Calories 10 kcal


  • 4 Cups Water
  • ½ Cup Pomegranates
  • ½ Cup Sugar or Honey
  • 3 Tsp Teafloor Pomegranate Iced Tea
  • ½ Cup Pomegranate Juice


  1. Take a saucepan and pour the water into it. Put it on medium flame and allow it to boil. Once the water comes to a boil, remove it from heat and add the Teafloor pomegranate green tea.

  2. Allow the brew to steep for 5 to 10 minutes, depending upon the intensity you want it to be.
    Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Recipe
  3. Next, strain the mixture into a pitcher and stir in the sugar while the tea is still hot.
    Pomegranate Iced Green Tea
  4. Once the sugar or honey or any other sweetener of your choice has been fully dissolved, add the juice of the pomegranate.
  5. Whisk carefully to mix the two fluids. Your drink is complete! Once it reaches room temperature, keep it in the refrigerator. Serve in tall glasses with ice and pomegranate for garnishing.
    Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

Recipe Notes

Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Recipe

Most of us must be aware by now, that pomegranate is one of the major sources of anti-oxidants. It has anti-aging properties, so much so, that it is used in cosmetics which cater to mature skin. Pomegranate is excellent for the skin and hair. Apart from that it improves cardiovascular health, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. it is also beneficial in improving digestion as well a metabolism. People looking forward to losing weight must incorporate pomegranate iced green tea in their diet. One of the most underrated superfoods, pomegranate has health benefits galore! And what better way to include in your diet, than to add it to your tea. The green tea and pomegranate together are a powerhouse of antioxidants which is sure to benefit your health on many different levels.

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    Really, Its beneficial for tea lovers!

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    Well, having a powerful antioxidants through your system after a heavy workout is just what you need to curb free-radical damage.
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