Different Types of CTC Tea in India

Types of CTC Tea

CTC tea or the crush, tear and curl variety of tea is extremely popular in India. For those who do not know, CTC is a method of processing tea leaves, so that they can be packaged and sent to the market for sale. India happens to be the second-largest producer of tea in the whole world, (first being China), therefore there is always an incessant need to produce the tea leaves in a quick manner. CTC tea is a very commonly used method of tea processing that is quick and works on large quantities of leaves at the same time. It is a capital-intensive technique that employs huge machines.

How is CTC Tea Made?

In this process, the tea leaves are thrown into large cylindrical rollers with hundreds of teeth. These machines work to process and pulverize the tea leaves into homogenous-looking small pellet-like structures which we know as tea. It is a fast method of producing large quantities of teas and meets the market’s demands Since the brew is processed in bulk, it is priced in a pocket-friendly manner, and is extremely accessible. The aforementioned two points explain the reason behind the popularity of CTC tea.

CTC Tea and its Popularity in India

CTC tea is loved amongst Indians because it is strong and very quick to infuse while being loaded with caffeine. The CTC tea price plays a huge role, in making this brew favorite among middle-class, Indians. Most of us use packaged tea leaves in our homes. While this practice is fine, one needs to realize, that this brew is available in a variety of grades. Most of the packaged teas are adulterated, therefore, it will be best to buy CTC tea online from reputed websites like Teafloor, to lay your hands on the best variety.

The Orthodox Tea

The other method of tea production is known as orthodox. As the name suggests it is an older method of producing the tea, which involves hand-plucking, hand-rolling, and withering of the tea leaves. Orthodox tea leaves are produced with a lot of care, and take a lot of time during the processing, since it is done manually. This is the reason why most tea plantations have switched to the CTC method because they are easy and quick to produce. This also means that the CTC tea price is more affordable compared to the orthodox teas.

CTC Tea Varieties

Over the years, CTC tea has been loved by people all over the world and some of its main varieties are mentioned as follows:

  1. Broken orange pekoe one.
  2. Tippy golden flowery broken orange pekoe grade one
  3. Broken souchong
  4. Broken pekoe souchong
  5. Broken orange pekoe
  6. Golden broken orange pekoe
  7. Golden flowery broken orange pekoe
  8. Fanning
  9. Dust

Since there are so many grades it will be ideal if you can lay your hands on the best quality ones. The CTC tea available on Teafloor is very flavorful and a favorite amongst tea lovers. You can easily place the order from the comfort of your home and the tea leaves will be delivered to you at your doorstep. The best part about buying CTC tea online is the fact, that you can choose from the many varieties and take your pick. You become the master of your tea, and know what you are buying rather than picking up any random tea packet from the store. Over the years, Teafloor has built a strong reputation, when it comes to the quality of their teas, and many people are now buying CTC tea online from Teafloor.

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