9 Simple Tricks To Help You Open The Most Unique Cafe in Town

Cafe in Town

Starting your own business in food and beverage industry might seem like a very interesting idea to many of us. After all, who wouldn’t like to dine out with friends and family in their own restaurant? However, the task might not be as easy as it may sound. Since, there are already a number of brands doing the same for their customers. The only way to take a lead in this business is by doing something different. Either you see something unique or sell the same products with a completely different strategy.

Being a tea brand, we have been working to cater to the needs of our customers from last 5 years. To them, we are not just a source of premium teas, but a group of experienced friends who stand by them for everything and anything related to tea. Today, we are here to share a few things that can help you come up with a perfect Tea café in your own.

Out of the total Indian population, more than 90% of people begin their day with tea, so it may not seem to be a tedious job to provide people with what they love. However, tea stalls can be found in almost every Indian street. Opening a café for the same is nothing less than a big challenge. So let’s move further and have a look at a few aspects that can make your cafe the most known much loved one.

Cafe in Town

Let’s Have a Quick Look at How Can You Make Your Cafe The Most Known

1. A Perfect Location: It’s always important to have a good location for you to open a café. The best choice would be a place that is already known to people or is popular, so that you can save that extra money that you were going to spend on advertising the location of your café.

2. More Than Just One Tea: As mentioned above, you can find a tea stall at almost every corner of the streets in India. However, those tea stalls may not have everything that a customer might need. With the increasing knowledge regarding the benefits of tea, people’s demands have also started to change. You may provide them with something more than just a traditional cup of tea. It could be different types of green tea, that helps them stay fit and can be a part of their diet plan or teas blended with their favourite flowers like rose and jasmine, to satisfy their flavour cravings. The list of these teas and their benefits is endless. All you need to do is – make them a part of your menu according to the customers’ needs.

3. Visit The Cafes Near You: The key to having a successful business is to know what your competitors are doing. If you’ll have an idea of how they make their customers happy, you’ll know that your next step is to do something better than them. For example, if you and your competitors are selling the same product at almost similar prices then all you need is a simple strategy to make yourself a more convenient choice for your customer. For example, you can run a campaign called “Today’s Special”, wherein you can sell some of your products at discounted rates every day. This will not only increase your sale, but will also help you with word of mouth advertising.

4. Interior And Exterior: Usually, the mistake that people make is to focus only on the interior of the café whereas, the exterior goes ignored. However, it is important to know that the exterior of any place is as important as its interiors, since that’s the first thing that will attract your customer. Therefore, you need to look after everything, right from the colour of the walls on the exterior to the comfy chairs of the interiors. “Pay attention to the landscaping, signage, and exterior appearance because that’s the first thing people see.” Says Jack Wilson, the owner of Radio Coffee and Beer in Austin.

5. Right Hiring: A good café calls for a good cook and catering team. This is one of the most important choices that you have to make. Since, it is the food that you provide will set the real standards of your café. Thus, it’s not a problem if you become picky in hiring and look out for the best options.

6. Ambience: Selling the perfectly brewed tea might not be just enough for your customers. The ambience of your cafe plays a very important role in setting the mood of the customers. Be it the soothing music played in the café, the beautiful paintings on the walls or the polite behaviour of the staff, everything adds on to the opinion that the customer is going to make about your cafe.

7. Perfect Menu: When you are a part of food and beverage industry, it’s very important to know your customer’s demand. If you’re selling tea, then you need to know what type of tea would they prefer. Something that satisfies their taste buds like the basic Masala Chai or something that keeps them healthy like Black or Green tea. Also, many people prefer having a snack with their tea, thus it can play a significant role in your menu. Adding the right choice of snacks with different types of teas is the key to a perfect menu.

8. Adequate Advertising: The above steps will become useless if you’re not able to gain popularity among your customers. So it’s very important for you to advertise your café through social media platforms or just word of mouth. For a tea brand, one of the easy ways to popularise your brand is by giving away free samples of your teas for trial. This not only makes the customers happy, but also gives the brand a chance to customise their products.

9. Website is Must: In today’s era, where the world is moving towards complete digitalisation, it’s very important to have a good online image. There is no doubt that social media platforms can help you reach out to your customers. However, having a website gives you is a wider reach than any other social media platforms. Your customers will know more about the real story and aim behind your cafe. Not just this, it will also help you win some credibility as a business.

These are just a few strategies that will make your cafe the best in town. At the end, we would like to leave you with a small piece of advice – remain patient until the best results come. Since, the first few months of any business can only bring some revenue but no huge profits. We’re sure a cup of Chamomile Tea can help you remain a little more patient than you already are.

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