A Tea for Every Mood | What’s your Favourite?

tea for every mood

As we begin talking about tea, the first thing that comes to our mind is its therapeutic benefits. It’s a fact that tea does help us to stay in good health and mind. From reducing the chances of heart attacks to keeping us hydrated, it solves numerous problems. However, there is one thing about tea that we fail to acknowledge, that is, the way it transforms our mood. If we put a little more thought to it, tea is not a part of our everyday routine because of the healing benefits it comes with, but the way it makes us feel.

If questioned, most of us would say that we love to drink tea, but when it comes to giving a reason behind it, we all might come up with contrasting answers. Some may need their daily dose of tea to energize the body and stay hydrated while others might just need it to feel productive. It’s difficult to find a singular answer to this question.

For many, drinking tea is like meditating as it often makes them feel connected to themselves, irrespective of their mood. Its human tendency to go through a lot of mood swings. There are times when we feel too depressed, anxious or stressed, either because of work pressure or other psychological problems that we face in life. Now it might definitely sound soothing to you when we mention that there are various types of tea for all your mood swings.

Isn’t that the best thing to hear for a tea lover?

Here’s how Tea can be a worthy companion in all your changing moods

Unwilling to wake up:

On days when getting out of bed seems like a tedious task and you wish to ignore all the pending tasks, a cup of Urja is good enough to invigorate you all over again. It is a blend of white sage, hibiscus and lemon grass, with green tea – something to add that extra sunshine to your mornings.

Stressful Working Hours:

We all have those days when dedicating plenty of time to work becomes a priority, this assuredly makes it difficult to avoid the fear of deadlines, accompanied with stress and restlessness. In such circumstances, all you need to do is take a deep breath and sip on a warm cup of Ananda, a colourful infusion of rose, passion flower and ashwagandha.  You can call it a delicious way to reduce the effect of stress hormone cortisol and feel your trouble fade away.

Unhealthy Eating Habits:

It’s unquestionable that a home cooked meal is the best possible choice to stay perfectly healthy. However, none of us can deny the love for street food and cravings for fried, baked or spicy dishes. Amid all these garnished longings, we forget how our body is being negatively affected because of our eating habits. Our digestive system is enforced to absorb everything that our hunger pangs demand, constantly making it weak and delicate. However, we understand that it’s not easy to cut down or change your eating habits. The solution to this difficulty is Trupti, our unique blend of fennel, orange rind and lemon peel. It strengthens our metabolism making it the key to a hale and hearty body and mind.

tea for every mood

Need for Extra Sleep:

The needs of our body are inconsistent. It takes no time for the body to shift from those days when all you want to do is sleep to not being able to sleep at all. Regardless, it’s important to give rest to our body and avoid that phase of sleepless nights. A completely effortless way to relax the mind is a cup of Nidra, a delicate fusion of lavender, passion flower and chamomile blended with green tea. It is the best means to render a fully satisfying sleep.

Other than these, there are teas like Tulsi Green tea, Lemon and Ginger – something to add a little spice to your monotonous life. Teas like Chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine and Rose can be the best choice for those who have been missing out on the earthly essence of being close to nature.

Cognitive wellbeing plays an extensive role in everyone’s life, therefore, we must make the most of this everyday habit of drinking tea and let it help us deal with our periodic moods.

“The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement.” – Arthur Gray

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