How To Drink Darjeeling Tea?

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea has grown to become the very favorite of tea aficionados and connoisseurs. There is a lot of hype regarding this particular brew and people of all ages are pretty much smitten by it. And let us cut to the chase right away, this brew is definitely worth the hype it deserves. If you happen to be a tea lover and haven’t tried the Darjeeling tea, then you most certainly are missing out on something major.

The tea is a light colored infusion, with a vegetal, floral, citrus aroma and flavors. Often referred to as the champagne of teas, the Darjeeling brew, in particular, resembles the taste of muscatel wine. The brew is known for how light and smooth it is, and the fact that the flavor of it remains on the palate, long after the tea has been consumed.

The Darjeeling brew is essentially a Chinese tea and is made from the Camellia sinesis plant. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, this brew is named after its place of origin; i.e., Darjeeling, a small hamlet located in West Bengal. Most of the people living in Darjeeling earn their livelihood by working in the tea plantations situated here. The brew is grown in small quantities and the majority of it is exported abroad. In fact, it is rumored to have been auctioned for thousands of dollars (which people are more than willing to pay, for this delicious tea).

Even though this brew is, often times, classified as a black tea, more often than not is it less oxidized than other tea variants. This means that not only is this brew absolutely delicious, it most certainly is great for health as well. Now that is what we call an all-rounder! Those who do not know how to make Darjeeling tea can check out the various tutorials which are available on the internet.


Darjeeling Tea Now Available on Teafloor

If you are a novice with regards to this brew, then let us help you out. We at Teafloor have ample knowledge with regards to tea and its varieties because we like to refer to ourselves as tea nerds! We are passionate about it and love to explore the world of teas and bring more varieties to our customers. We at Teafloor, take our jobs very seriously and work very hard to hand out the best quality teas to our customers, at the best rates!

Coming back to the topic, how to have Darjeeling tea? Well, the fact of the matter is that this brew has a very delicate, mossy flavor, which can be completely disrupted by the addition of milk, especially if you have purchased the first flush of the Darjeeling tea leaves. If you are a big fan of mixing your tea with milk, then you can try the Autumn flush because, it is much bolder and tannic, so it can use some milk to be toned down. However, the general rule of the thumb is to have Darjeeling tea by itself, though a drop of lime never hurts. For sweetening purposes, it is best to stick to a very small quantity of sugar, however, it is best to avoid the sugar altogether, as it cuts down on the astringency of the brew which happens to be its biggest USP.

Benefits of Darjeeling Tea

Consuming Darjeeling tea on the daily can help you achieve great health. Some of its benefits are mentioned as follows:

Dental Health: It improves your overall oral hygiene and keeps bad breath at bay. The Darjeeling tea also cleans up the plaque resting on the surface of the teeth, thereby protecting it from cavities.

Heart Health: Tea, in general, is excellent for the health, but Darjeeling tea, being the orthodox, less oxidized brew that it is, is known for reducing cholesterol levels and stabilizing heart functions.

It Is Great For The Skin: Those of you who wish to maintain your beauty must embrace the Darjeeling tea, as it contains huge amounts of antioxidants, which prevents premature aging and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Energizes: This tea uplifts the mood and energizes you to make you feel better. So if you are having a bad day, make yourself a cup of Darjeeling tea and see how it helps you feel better.

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