Discover the New Meaning of Mindful with a Cup of Tea

Discover the New Meaning of Mindful with a Cup of Tea

If you start to look for the dictionary meaning of the word mindful, a lot of words would pop up like the state of being aware, alive, awake or alert. However, have you ever tried taking a deeper dive into the actual meaning of mindfulness? Well, if the answer is no, here we have something for you to let you see a new side to it. And guess what? Our very own cup of tea has a special role to play in it.

Let’s Have a Look at How it All Happens.

One thing that is pretty clear is that mindfulness has everything to do with our current state of mind, and how aware we are of our surroundings. However, we don’t usually throw light on the fact that it is that one particular thing that involves all our senses. From feeling something by touching it, having a good look at our surroundings or simply give our taste buds the opportunity to taste something delicious, it’s all a part of this one single word. Holding this thought, let’s keep tea in a similar situation. Starting from the touch of its delicate leaves to the next step where it is brewed in boiled water to the time it is poured in our cups, our senses get involved in the process like mere ingredients.

Before elaborating this thought a little more let’s focus on what certain tea enthusiasts think about tea breaks and their significance on our everyday activities.

The most common thought among most tea enthusiasts is that tea breaks must be spent with a free mind and that time must not be used to plan future activities. It is so because, focusing more on future activities or past events will prevent you from focusing on the present moment and won’t be able to enjoy the effect that tea leaves, leave on your minds. It is something that could take you to that level of peace that brings you closer to a meditative effect.

Here are a few things about a cup of tea that involves your senses into the process, more like ingredients:

The first thing that happens is that our entire focus is shifted from our surroundings to how our tea is being made. Right from the sensuality of the softening tea leaves to the changing colour of the boiling water, it has everything to do with the involvement of our senses. By observing the bubbling water and listening to the sound of it, our mind stops wandering, making us enjoy the feeling of being in the present.

Meaning of Mindful with a Cup of Tea

The next step in the making is adding our most favorite ingredients to it. Be it sugar, spice or honey, the one similar effect that all of them have on tea is its aroma. That is certainly one of the most enjoyable moments for a tea lover.

The beauty of it is not over yet, as the tea starts to boil, its sound fills us up with a new hope of something good that is going to happen. As it is poured in our cups, the one thing that’s most enjoyable is its sound. However, the best part is yet to come. The real bliss of it lies in the first sip. It is the moment that you wish to last longer and give you a sense of peace, and hence, leaves you with that calm meditative effect. With every other sip, you will be filled with freshness and you’ll enjoy every bit of your surroundings. Thoughts will come and leave your mind, and all you would wish to do is live the taste of this beverage.

It is definitely the best form of meditation to fill you with a different kind of freshness more than once in a day, and those special moments will prepare you for some precisely more important things that you need to do with a sense of calmness.

It’s true that not everyone is capable of doing the real form of meditation, but when the word tea is added to it, we’re sure that it might not sound that difficult for most of them. After all, who wouldn’t want to get a little closer to peace with the help of just one cup of tea? Through this, we don’t aim to lay down any strict rules behind drinking tea. All we wish to do is help you open up your spirit to yourself, live in the moment and let your favorite drink take over all your senses.

To leave you here on a happy note, let us remind you that cup of tea alone can be a replacement to any companion when you wish to uplift your spirits, but it is enjoyed the best when drunk in the company of your loved ones.

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