Organic Tea- Types and Benefits

If you are a tea enthusiast then you might have considered trying the organic tea. Organic tea can be a little difficult to find, but if you can lay your hands on it, then it is every bit worth the money and effort. If you love some nice cuppa, then this tea is something you must indulge in, but let us find out what exactly is organic tea? Certified organic tea is free from synthetic materials like pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc. This kind of tea sustains the health of the ecosystem, the soil, and the people. The way of growing it is very different from ordinary tea; it relies on the ecological processes, cycles adapted to local conditions and biodiversity to grow, rather than the use of chemical elements. Since there are no elements of synthetic material involved in the processing of this tea; you will derive the antioxidant benefits of this product, minus the harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Organic Tea

Organic tea, if taken in the right doses can work wonders for your health. It has antioxidants properties which can have some major positive effects on the body. Good quality organic tea can • Help in weight loss • Improve skin • Help in improving brain function • Lower risk of cancer • Aid with digestion • Reduces risk of heart diseases • Improves bone density • Helps with arthritis • Helps in fighting cataract

Types of Organic Tea

White Tea: White Tea is very had to find and is the rarest of them all. It is made from young tea leaves, much before the buds have fully opened. White tea is very difficult and time consuming to harvest. It is more expensive than other types of tea because it is grown in small quantities. It does undergo minimal processing because it is simply steamed and dried, and later on stored in its natural state. Oolong Tea: this is the traditional Chinese type of tea, and is somewhere between black tea and green tea when it comes to antioxidant properties. A moderate fermentation process is followed where they are whithers, slightly fermented and later on dried. Buy Oolong tea online, It is very popular among the Chinese people, and you can tell by their skin and health that it has some very good properties.   Green Tea: Green Tea happens to be the most popular “health tea” with multiple benefits. Buy green tea online, is a milder type of tea and is made from only the leaf bud and the top two leaves. The leaves are simply withered and then roasted or dried; they are not fermented like black tea, so it does not become oxidized. So this process preserves the leaves without disrupting the beneficial compounds of the plant, which is why it is so beneficial when it comes to teas. Black Tea: It goes without saying that black tea is the most popular tea variant. You can find it in every household. Having said that organic black tea is very different from the ordinary packaged tea available in the market. There are many fermentation processes which change the color of the leaves from green to a burnt copper. The leaves are fully oxidized and dried, the black color indicates that it contains more caffeine and has a strong flavor. How much tea must you consume in a day? Though organic tea is very good for health, having it in moderation is the smart thing to do. It is safe to say that having 2 to 3 cups of organic tea will benefit you, but any more than 8 to 10 cups can do more harm than good. Tea is a very popular beverage globally, and that it because of its health improving properties. If you are a tea-addict then it is imperative that you switch to organic tea, and see the benefits for yourself.

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