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If you are a tea lover or are looking for a less jittery alternative for coffee, then you must look into autumn flush tea. If you know how to brew it right, then chances are you will never go back to coffees. Since there is an array of various forms of tea, it definitely can get a little too overwhelming; however, tea connoisseurs can easily distinguish between the flavors. If you are looking forward to dipping your toes, or should we say, dipping your lips in the world of teas, it is highly recommended that you look into autumn flush teas.

What are autumn flush teas?

In India, the autumn flush tea is mostly grown in Darjeeling and the north-eastern region of the country. It is a small tea industry, and the ones grown in Darjeeling are worthy of special mention. Harvested as the third or autumn flush, between the months of October and November, the leaves of this tea are full bodied, fruity and dark. It is definitely not as strong as the summer teas and possesses a delicate flavor, which has a refinement to it. Estates like Goomtee and Thurbo produce some really fine autumn flush tea. These are self-drinking brews which have a distinct flavor about them. However, the liquor is bright and brisk (although not as brisk as summer). Autumn teas are considered the second best in quality, after summer flush which also known as second summer flush tea. Once this harvest is completed the entire region goes into dormancy until the beginning of the first flush.

Darjeelings are considered to be the “champagne of teas;” it is the finest produce in the country and cherished by tea totalers across the globe. It can be said that the autumn flush tea is exclusive to Darjeeling, which is why is much coveted globally. The autumn harvest is the shortest of all and does not last more than 30 days, which is why they are found in smaller quantities, at higher prices.By the looks of it, it has a sparkling character and a delightful flavor to act as a mood booster. The taste is rather sweet, and the color of the leaves is a gorgeous coppery gold. The flavor is something you have never tasted; it has a fruity element which is distinct to this form of tea.

This type of tea is generally consumed all by itself to relish its exquisite goodness. Consumed without milk, sugar or lemon, this tea has enough flavor to be consumed all by itself; it is very well-balanced. “The teas have no sharpness, bite or astringency that typifies first and second flush teas.” Is what experts have to say about it.

Most discerning tea tasters absolutely love the Autumn flush, they relish the complexities of the flavor which this tea carries with itself. With less quantity, only a limited amount makes it to public auction. Gardens generally sell their autumn flush privately to exporters and a few online retailers and tea boutiques.

If you are a tea lover and enjoy a good cuppa, then you must try the autumn flush. The flavor and aroma will make you fall in love with teas all over again. To find the best Autumn tea, hop over to, where you can find, hard-to-get exclusive teas, at a very good price.

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