Tea for me please!

In everyone’s life, there are some days where you question everything. And by everything, I mean literally everything. You have questions about what you are doing with your life, your choices, your friends, your job, contemplating on what your purpose is, the existence of the sun, whether the sky is real. The questions keep getting naive and stupid the more you focus on answering them. I am sure there have been days where you have found yourself in this exact position. I know I have. Of course, there are things like perfect days. Perhaps one of your birthdays, the day you got married, the birth of your child, the day you got the job of your dreams. Correct me if I am wrong, but there are hardly any perfect weeks, perfect months, let alone a perfect year. Life is full of ups and downs,  victories and failures, mistakes and perfection, love and hate, joy and sadness.

In fact, I believe without the bad parts, we would never fully enjoy the good parts. We wouldn’t value them as much as we do after we have suffered. But we still somehow manage to get through all of it, don’t we? There is always that one thing which keeps us inspired and motivated during those not-so-perfect-days. So what is that one thing for you? Maybe its a friend? A relative? Perhaps a pack of cigarettes? Or maybe some cold beer? For me, it is Tea. Tea, you ask me. Really? Yes really. And why not. I mean, whatever works for you, right? I promise I won’t judge you if you choose a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer. But why tea? In my case, most of the times when I feel uninspired, or emotionally a bit down, I tend to seek out a comforting routine.

Tea is an integral part of my routine. On those days, I wake up in the morning, hell, I only “actually” make an effort to get up from the bed thinking about tea. To be precise, thinking about how I will go about preparing my perfect cup of tea. To me, making a perfect cup of tea equals a perfect day. It symbolises the perfect start to a perfect day. That today, I am going to achieve what I have begun my day thinking I am going to achieve. My perfect cuppa makes me want to complete each task in front of me. It sets me in a rhythm, to work consistently and earnestly and reach my goal. To reach my target. So what is your motivation? How do you get through those rough days? What inspires you? What makes you want to get out of bed, leave the comfort of your familiar sheets? To some people I know, it’s baking. It kind of works like a stress buster.

Some people like to paint. Some just like to doodle. Some listen to music while some like to dance. Some like to walk, some exercise, some even try kickboxing! Whatever works, to each its own.To me it is Tea. It is important to have a coping mechanism. It is true that life is a bed of roses, for roses have thorns. If I may be allowed to act as your therapist, my solution to an inspired, motivated, stress-relieved happy person goes something like this. Note- Follow each step in the exact order and manner to achieve maximum results!

Step 1: Go to your kitchen

Step 2: Turn on the gas stove. Listen to the flames hissing. Enjoy the slow ignition of the flames.

Step 3: Find your favourite cooking pot

Step 4: Measure out the water and add it to the pot slowly.

Step 5: Add the tea leaves

Step 6: Peel and crush some ginger. Add it to the pot. Take in the aromatic ginger smell now rising from the pot

Step 7: Use a mortar and pestle to crush some cloves, cinnamon and cardamom.

Step 8: Add the crushed spices to the pot

Step 9: Sit back and enjoy the aromatic spices cooking. Enjoy the wonderful smell filling your house

Step 10: Add some milk

Step 11: Add some sugar

Step 12: Let the tea boil and then simmer down the flame.

Step 13: Let the tea simmer for 3-4 minutes

Step 14: Pour the tea into your favourite mug using a fine mesh sieve

Step 15: Discard the tea leaves

Step 16: Enjoy the tea by your favourite window or spot in the house And who knew making tea could be therapeutic! I for one, enjoy this activity.

It is a stress buster for me. Maybe its the whole activity of preparing tea which I find therapeutic. Maybe it is the hissing and pissing of the flames. Perhaps it is the smell of the brew that fills up my kitchen. Maybe its the simmering and boiling of the tea. Maybe it is the focus that tea making requires which makes me forget the problems at hand. For all I know, perhaps its just the caffeine! But the hot mug of tea in my hand feels dear to me. I draw inspiration and I become motivated. For me, tea works as a motivator, a stress buster. It has a calming effect, and it helps me think straight.

I won’t say I am an addict, but I do begin my day with a cup of tea. If you are still not convinced, research and studies conducted on the benefits and effects of tea actually back up what I am trying to explain here. Studies show that a cup of tea reduces stress. This happens not just due to the consumption of tea, but also because of the calming effect of the ritual of preparing the tea. Consumption of tea has been associated with a positive mood and a feeling of relaxation. The chemical properties of tea have been linked with making the brain more alert and helping people recover from stress.

So maybe, next time when you are feeling low, when you are going through a phase, perhaps you are suddenly feeling left out, worrying about your choices;  try making some tea. Perhaps you see a friend feeling low, or going through a phase, help them. Just make some tea. Most importantly, just smile and say “Tea for me, please!”.

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