Teas That Go Best with Milk and Sugar

tea leaves and sugar

Roaming around in the crowded streets of India, we all have a picture of what value tea holds in the hearts of people. The aroma of brewing tea leaves and bubbling milk being poured into small cups by chai wallahs on the tea stalls is the first thing that we come across early in the morning. These chai wallahs, or anyone who has mastered the art of brewing an ideal cup, are aware that crafting fine tea requires a developed sense of perception for touch, sight and sound. This art is irreplaceable by a machine. However, the method of crafting a good cup can differ from person to person. Some may like their tea extra sweet with milk, sugar or honey while others are likely to add just water to finely plucked tea leaves.

The one good thing about tea is that it has a number of methods to brew. And for those who like to add milk and sugar to it, numerous tea varieties can easily become a part of their life. Let’s have a look at some of them.

tea leaves and sugar

Kadak Masala Chai

No matter what the season is, a cup of tea spiced with Indian flavours is an all-time desire. Along with milk and sugar, the fashioning of this popular form of tea includes spices like cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, etc. Its flavour and taste is such that it is known to be one of the most awaited pick-me-ups of the day. Just one cup is enough to fuel up your day with some extra energy. There are also a number of benefits of this one drink. For instance, the grated ginger added to it is considered an elixir for colds and is known for clearing congested chests. Cinnamon acts as antioxidant for the body and also has other detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bombay Cutting Chai

Famous throughout Mumbai or Bombay, the Cutting Chai is called so because even though it is prepared with milk, its flavour is so strong that only half a glass is served at a time. It is also known as the modified form of masala chai and is served in ‘cutting glasses’ instead of cups. Made popular by cinema, this tea is a huge part of the Bombay culture. However, it is also loved in other cities of the subcontinent, as India is a nation of tea lovers. This tea also contains additional condiments like ginger, tulsi, lemongrass, cardamom, etc. which makes it stronger than the usual cup of masala chai. It is aromatic and flavorful, with a good blend of milk, sugar, spices and strength. Its sweet spicy flavours tinkle your sensory buds and leave you with a sublime feeling.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Originating from Kashmir, this tea is a combination of exotic Indian spices and milk. The signature flavour of this tea is derived from saffron strands (also known as ‘kong’), included in the blend. Adding cardamom, almonds, cinnamon and cloves, etc. along with milk makes its flavour even better. It can be consumed at any hour of the day, but is best served during brunch.

It has been a part of Kashmir’s cuisine and staple flavour for ages, with 36 different flavours of its own. In the past, it was prepared in a brass kettle known as Samovar, but nowadays it is made in regular vessels by boiling it along with its ingredients.

Tulsi Chai

Known to be India’s most sacred herb – the holy basil brewed with milk is a drink that every other Indian fancies. Fresh tulsi leaves are added to the brew along with other ingredients like sugar or honey to make it more delicious. It can be prepared with or without milk and the best and most preferred time to consume it is in the morning.

This tea acts as a stimulant to produce more gastric juices and is nothing less than a tonic for the body and mind. Tulsi has always been known for promoting the digestion of food, and that makes it an ideal beverage after a complete meal. If blended with lemon and ginger, it becomes a perfect remedy to a number of diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia. Although, it is advisable not to blend milk and lemon together in your drink.

Cardamom Tea

Be it any kind of dish, sweet or salty, cardamom is regarded as one of the best loved ingredients. Consuming a single cup of cardamom tea can definitely brighten your day and set you in the perfect mood.  Adding this one ingredient to your tea will not only enhance the flavours, but also turns it into a storehouse of benefits. From aiding digestion to helping treat symptoms of cold and flu, it can do a number of things for you. So, don’t think twice before making this tea a part of your everyday diet.

The combination of milk and sugar is such that it can fit with almost every kind of tea if brewed efficiently. Even if you are a lover of flavoured teas like Rose, jasmine, orange zest, etc. adding milk and sugar or either of the two will only enhance its taste and help you innovate more with your everyday drink.

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