Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Self-care

New Year Resolutions On Our Self care,

When a year comes to close, it’s traditional that we all get enthusiastic about our New Year resolutions. So, this New Year, before you set brand new resolutions, ask yourself a question- Are you ready to bring a change? And if the answer is yes, it’s certain that you’ll be able to achieve everything you wish for. Here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself before you finally come up with the best resolutions for yourself.

What would I like to change?

Why do I feel the need to bring that change?

How to balance my New Year resolutions with the time and resources that I have?

As you answer these questions, keep in mind that you set only those resolutions that you truly wish to attain. We suggest you to pen down those thoughts, write an email to yourself or tape it on the walls so that you can stay motivated and review your resolution routinely. One thing about New Year resolutions is that you mustn’t be in a hurry to achieve them, as they are meant to be fulfilled in an entire year and not a day, week or month. Thus, perfect planning would help you achieve them at your own pace. Although, we are aware that each one of you might have different New Year resolutions, we would like to highlight the top five resolutions for the year 2019 that will help you achieve your resolutions.

1. Having a morning routine

Yes, you read that right! We know that the idea of waking up early does not seem to attract many. However, if one finally inculcates this habit, it is certainly one of the best things that will help you bring a change in your life as well as bring you one step closer to your New Year resolutions. If we look closely, the amount of rush that life puts us through the entire day, morning time is the only time when we have a few hours under control. The idea is surely not very appealing for night owls. However, it’s always the night owls that benefit the most out of it. Undoubtedly, the first few days are going to be a torture, but eventually you’ll come to the realisation that by doing this, you not only get some extra hours to add to fast life, but also feel more organised about the things that need to be done throughout the day. And when we talk about early mornings, what’s better than a cup of tea – something to give a wakeup call to all your senses every morning.

New Year Resolutions On Our Self care,


2. Nurture your creative soul

What’s life if you don’t get to enjoy little things? Living a delightful life is all about bringing out your creative side and applying it on every little thing around you. Many people confuse being creative to the skill of being able to draw, paint or write. However, there is a lot more to it. Being able to observe the beauty of small things in life makes you the most creative of all. Spending time at places that you like, cooking your favourite meal, helping the ones in need, talking to new people, enjoying the warmth of the sun or dancing in the rain. Doing this, you can certainly embrace your creative side. So this New Year, why not rethink the meaning of creativity and make embrasing it, one of your New Year resolutions.

Here is a friend’s suggestion to you-

We all have our share of bad days, and those days, if you ask us, are the best to bring out your creative side. All you need to do is a little bit of self-talk and notice the things that you can do to make yourself cheerful again. It could be anything, from eating your favourite food to giving hugs to the people you love or journaling or anything that you do for self- care. And that’s exactly how you will nurture your creative side and understand the value of little things in life.

 3. Share your travel stories

For those who like to travel can easily understand how it changes us. Thus, sharing your travel story is as important as travelling itself. We accept that sharing your story is not an effortless thing to do. However, when you finally decide to share it, you’d come up with more life lessons for yourself as well as others, because you relive those moments and everything that you’ve learnt from it. It’s the after trip thinking that brings a change and helps you describe your adventures even better.Also, the good thing about sharing your travel story is that every traveler would get inspired by your words and experiences. And who knows your words might as well inspire the ones who like travelling but are only too lazy to do it. So while you plan your next trip, don’t forget to carry a diary to pen down your learnings and while you do the thinking, grab a cup of your favourite tea to make your thoughts as well as your journey, plain sailing.

4. Diet Plan

One important thing that we all need to understand is that having a diet plan doesn’t only mean trying to lose weight. It has a lot more to it than just having a lean body. It’s apparent that having a healthy diet plan is important for our body. However, we never give importance to our body health, at least not until we start falling sick frequently. For instance, eating junk is something that most of us fail to avoid.But the good news is, you don’t have to cut junk completely out of your diet. All you need is a little balance between the healthy and not so healthy but mouthwatering food. And what’s better than combining it with a few cups of healthy teas? So now when it’s time for New Year resolutions, why not come up with something that will solely benefit you and your health.

New Year Resolutions On Our Self care,

5. Balance between social and personal life

When it comes to having a balanced lifestyle, most of us tend to fail miserably.  And what we usually do is live on the extremes. Either we are entirely gripped into our social life, hanging out with friends, going out on parties or just staying connected to the world with social media applications. On the other hand, some of us are so engrossed in our work and family life that we completely cut ourselves from the social world and become absolutely oblivious about our surroundings. However, honestly speaking, having a balance is not as difficult as we assume it to be. All we need to do is set our priorities. Simply starting with having a proper schedule for the things that you want to do the entire day can definitely help you a lot. Remember, not to make a schedule that you know you cannot follow, as it may reduce your determination very soon.Next would be to decide the best environment for you. If you live in an environment that you know is not benefitting you, you must change it. To be able to have a balanced life, you need to be in a balanced environment. And on top of everything, don’t forget to add small tea breaks in your schedule, whether it’s for small and meaningful conversations with friends or a break from your everyday work. Assuredly, this can be one of your best New Year Resolutions and can change you as well as your lifestyle, entirely.

These were our top 5 New Year resolutions, we hope will help you come closer to your own resolutions. However, this doesn’t end here. If reading this blog has motivated you even a bit, we’re sure you’d like our upcoming blogs that talk more about the above resolutions. All just to make this year extraordinary for you!


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