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Women’s Day – How Can You Make it Special for Her?

Teafloor Women’s Day - How Can You Make it Special for Her

Women’s day is around the corner. So how are you going to celebrate the lives of women in your life? Are you planning something different? Or, are you still in the dilemma of choosing what to give? Well, women are complicated to decipher, but the answer to this isn’t that uncertain. Every woman wants love and time from her near and dear ones. Are these too hard to proffer? Share smiles and blossom the love again, reminding her how important she is in your life, this Women’s day.

Keep reading to find out the basic surprises you can give her this Women’s day and be the reason for her to smile.

1. Tea gift boxes

Every woman likes tea. Tea is traditional. Tea time is love. Gift her a delightful tea set from Teafloor. There is always a time when one gets bored with their regular tea, so try out something new, healthy and aromatic. Experience the magic of the hills with authentic tea leaves with Teafloor’s tea gift boxes crafted with love and affection. The tea gift boxes have a collection of a variety of teas as per your taste. Get some lights to brighten the room or the terrace area, make her a cup of tea and remind her you care for her health.

Women’s Day - How Can You Make it Special for Her

2. Bouquet of flowers

If you don’t know what kind of flowers your woman likes, then you ought to find it out immediately. Flowers are always safe for everyone irrespective of the occasion. Buy red flowers for your lovely wife, white and yellow ones for your friends and nothing less than a bouquet for your mother! Decorate the bouquet well and surprise her. You may also leave a note appreciating her on Women’s day for the good things she does every day without complaining. Flowers always bring a smile. The fragrance of flowers refreshes the mood. If you got nothing, you got flowers!

3. Gift voucher

You can effortlessly buy her a gift voucher from leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal, Dine-out, etc. These could be used for great shopping therapy. It is the best way to keep your daughters happy. You may buy your wives a spa voucher, ooh, they will love it definitely! Every woman enjoys her time in the salon, undoubtedly! If you know that she loves dressing up and being pampered like a barbie, gift any vouchers available online on this Women’s day.

4. Get out of the house

A candlelight dinner is never off fashion, but if you think it is too mainstream, you may simply spend some quality time with her anywhere chit-chatting. Go out for a walk and have ice cream. Remember, the idea is to spend time with her this Women’s day and celebrate her womanhood. Don’t let your housewives be at home today. Convince them to go outdoors and treasure the blessings they have. It could be for a treat of spicy food or hot chocolate fudge or anything else that excites them.

5. Better use of your house

Do you like stars? Does she like watching the clouds and the stars? Well, star gazing might sound childish but it is explicitly romantic. Moreover, it is never too late to watch the night sky.
Just carry your odomos and sit on your terrace or in the garden. Beware of the time, and clean the spot you will be choosing. Women love cleanliness and she will definitely remember it. Reminisce all cute and stupid moments of your relationship this Women’s day. Thank her for all that she’s done as a mother or wife or sister. A terrace date idea is the best for someone who is working and comes back late. So get it cleaned, make some flavoured tea and hug the woman in your life under the stars.

6. Vows

Do you think taking vows with your loved ones is old fashioned or weird? No, you are being weird. Old school love is the best kind of love. Write a few vows or promises you would like to revive with her. Make new ones and abide by them. Make her feel comfortable with the person she is or has changed into this Women’s day. Tell her how adorable, strong, loved and cherished she is today. When was the last time you actually did this? More importantly, it is the responsibility of the man to time and again remind her that she is beautiful and no matter she’s changed over a period of time, she will always be their favourite human.

A message from Teafloor to all the ladies:

“You can do anything for the ones you love, to make us better versions of us to love. This women’s day remind yourself you are enough and loved. You are beautiful and cherished. You might not be as appreciated as you deserve but nobody is eligible to compete. Don’t allow love to consume, it’s high time you repeat, Dear me, I love you! Don’t be troubled much to affect your health. Put that phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. You are a woman and that is your power. You must walk away from those who pull you down. You are a star so shine bright. If life is a roller coaster, put that chin up and slay tight.”

You would sometimes weep, some days you might not sleep.
With the efforts, you put in so deep
You create heartfelt memories to keep.

-By Lakshmi Jaisimha


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