10 Health Benefits of Tea For A New Lifestyle

Tea is nothing but a flavorful way of staying healthy. For thousands of years it has been regarded as a key to good health. It’s true that tea does replenish our body and mind, but the health benefits of tea go far beyond refreshment. The exotic blends of whole leaf teas are an elixir to all our health problems. Sore throat, headache, cold or just common flu – no matter what the problem is, tea is always the solution.

Read On To Find Out The Health Benefits of Tea That Can Give You A Sense of Wellbeing:

1. Appropriate Caffeine: The first and foremost benefit of drinking tea is that it does not come with any negative effects. You must be aware of the fact that drinking coffee is directly related to the intake of caffeine, which if done in excess can harm your body. On the other hand, the amount of caffeine that tea comes with is appropriate enough to wake you up from sleep or as a matter of fact, make you sleep better. Many studies have suggested that tea leaves you with the same effect that coffee does, it just depends on people’s taste preference.

2. Better Digestion: In countries like China and Japan, tea is considered as the best afternoon drink after lunch. This is so because, the kind of food that they eat is usually made of white flour which is not easy to digest, and tea helps them improve their metabolism (especially the white and green tea). In fact, green tea is used all around the world for better metabolism and weight loss. It has also been suggested to improve bone mineral density.

3. Keeps Your Mind Alert: Being a part of tea culture, most of us have grown up with the idea that tea is the best thing to calm your distressed state of mind and help you think better. In England, the first thing to offer a troubled friend is “tea and sympathy.” If we get into the culture a little more, in our country India, tea goes with every situation. From being a welcome drink to just a form of refreshment or a companion to our evening snack, tea does it.

4. Keeps Heart Diseases Away: It’s no lie that most of us love junk food more than anything else. Keeping a control on our eating habits is not one of the easiest things to do. Therefore, heart diseases and unbalanced cholesterol level have become a common problem. The good news here is, a cup of tea can bring it all back to balance. A Chinese study suggested Green and black tea if combined with a low fat diet can reduce the risk of heart diseases up to 16%. Also, tea contains catechin and polysaccharides which have been proven to have a noticeable effect on lowering blood sugar.

5. Helps You Smile Bright And Wide: Having yellow teeth and being habitual to laughing with a mouth wide open can definitely be a problem to many. However, just a small cup of tea can make a difference. Many types of teas, mainly green tea contains fluoride and tannins, which help reduce plaque buildup and tooth decay. Therefore, a cup of tea everyday can help you keep tooth decay away. So, the next time you smile, keep it wide!

6. Makes You Prettier: For every woman, a clear and acne free skin is nothing less than a dream, but not every woman is blessed with the same. This further leads to the use of cosmetics loaded with chemicals on your skin. However, there are some options for delicious teas to try that can give you a brighter and clearer skin. Black, green and white teas contain polyphenols and tannins that protect you from premature ageing.

7. Keeps you hydrated: It’s a common belief that tea dehydrates our body. However, the truth is totally the opposite. Tea too can help you reach your daily fluid intake. Caffeinated drinks might have some diuretic effect on our body, but they don’t exactly lead to the risk of dehydration. The appropriate amount caffeine that tea contains, it’s the best if consumed with water and will keep you hydrated.

8. Keeps Diseases At Bay: It’s a proven fact that tea can make our memory sharper for a good couple of days. A number of studies suggest that tea can also keep diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s away from us. Regular consumption may help protect the body from developing these neurological disorders.

9. Calorie-Free Tea: If consumed without any sweeteners, tea itself is a completely calorie free drink, and allows you to burn some additional amount of calorie per day. The effects of the same might not be visible at the initial stage, but benefits our body in the long run.

10. Apart from these, there are numerous other benefits of making tea a part of your diet like taking away bad breath, headache, fighting infection, food poisoning, type 2 diabetes, and nervous tension. The list of the benefits of drinking tea is endless.


Numerous Benefits In Just One Cup

Having a look at these health benefits of tea, it’s evident that it has been given utmost importance all around the globe not just because of its taste. The conclusions are quite similar that tea is undoubtedly the solution to most of our problems. However, there is also a need for us to bring certain changes in our daily routine, like following a refined diet, a workout plan, and taking proper sleep. Combining tea with these is a key to bring changes in your health and lifestyle respectively.

For those who are habitual to drinking tea every day, and yet cannot see its benefits must only bring some changes in their daily routine according to their health requirements. For example, if one wishes to lose weight, then rather than consuming any sweetened form of tea, they must consume green tea coupled with a few minutes of exercise. Thus, to bring a change, we need to make a change.

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