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6 Questions You Must Ask Each Other This Valentine’s Day

6 Questions You Must Ask Each Other This Valentine Day

So, let’s talk about the big question- What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? Cuddling in bed or going out for a party or maybe a romantic movie date? Don’t you think it would have been more fun if Valentine’s Day was on a weekend? Nevertheless, we all know love isn’t about the place or booze or party. It is purely about togetherness and affection. It is about those insignificant gestures and adjustments two people make to keep each other happy.
Why not do something different this time- light a few candles, buy some hot chocolate fudge, take out your photo albums and capture the ROFL moments of each other! (We mean legit albums, not the Gmail synced memories, please!)

Nobody falls in love by choice, it’s by chance. A relationship is not sustained by luck or by chance, it strengthens by making efforts. Whether you are in the early stages of the relationship or you have been together for quite some time now, there are certain things, in general, you must discuss time and again, so as to get the wheels of your relationship to roll smoothly. The answers to these questions might evolve with time so there is no need to stress out on them.

Today, we are going to discuss the few important questions you must ask your partner. These questions will give you clarity on what the future might look like for both of you. Pamper your Valentine’s Day dates with an exclusive range of tea gift boxes from Teafloor and remind them how important they are in your life. Sit and relax for a few hours with your beloved ones on this Valentine’s Day.

So, here’s a list of a few important things you must discuss with your partner this Valentine’s Day to know each other better:

1. The idea of family and marriage

This is a straight and generic question but also an essential one for both the sexes. A man must know what are his partner’s expectations in terms of marriage and family? Similarly, a woman should be aware of the needs of her husband and what is his vision for a happy married life. The vision might not necessarily be the same but being aware of the forthcoming is better. If truth be told, it will help you check your compatibility with one another. Don’t be upset or stressed if your perspectives don’t align. Keeping up with the differences and not treating them like one is what a true relationship is all about. Yes?

2. FEARS and Insecurities

Love is not just about being romantic, it is also about trusting your partner with your fears and demons. It could be a huge fear, phobia of something and even the smallest thing that gives you jitters. Let your partner trust you and open up about things that affect him/her. It could be a terrifying ordeal your partner faced in their childhood or maybe some spooky experience that gave them chills. Also, not to forget, childhood insecurities reflect in our relationships as adults. We as adults must not ponder on the mistakes we made as children or juveniles. It is okay to forgive yourself and move on with your life. As a partner, it is your responsibility not to taunt or belittle your loved one and let the insecurities grow into bigger fears.

3. Living in Together

The concept of living in is not alien nowadays. It is imperative to know your partner’s views on living in together before marriage and how would your parents react to the idea? Most of the Indian parents won’t be very cool with the idea of living in but you never know, something might work out. Moreover, people have some preconceived notions about couples living in, but it is not about their future and their love life. You must be sure of the person you are dating or looking forward to spending your life with. We are not suggesting you to dive into it, but just, bring up the topic. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to imagine a life together and the other days to work for it.

6 Questions You Must Ask Each Other This Valentine’s Day

4. Intimacy

Intimacy takes time. Physical intimacy involves a deeper emotional connection with your spouse sensually. A romantic touch is always needed in a relationship to strengthen your bond. It eradicates the negativity between two people and lets the love to blossom. Also, you need to understand, intimacy is not solely about the bedroom adventures but providing a sense of security to your partner. Feel the love and build the chemistry with a cup of herbal teas like Ananda and Chamomile teas only from Teafloor.

5. Good habits and the weird ones

Talking about this should be fun. All of us have some weird habits. Every one of us has some guilty pleasures we don’t want to share. Did you know, Jhanvi Kapoor, the daughter of Late Sridevi (yes, the actress) has a guilty pleasure of collecting fish for herself! (Source: Koffee with Karan). What is yours? For a girl, it could also be checking out makeup artists around the globe on Instagram, a biker might be obsessed with stylish helmets and video games. Sip tea and get to know each other better with an all-new range of wellness teas by ChaiSpa, Teafloor. Who knows you might find something to tease each other for the rest of your lives!

6. Past relationships

Your guy might try to dodge this topic by saying ‘why to talk about it on Valentine’s Day?’, but it’s imperative for the ones who have newly started to date. Don’t dwell much on this question but simply acknowledging and understanding the past experiences of your partner may help you grow a heartfelt connection with each other. Welcoming another person and trusting someone with your past histories makes one vulnerable, respect that. Mentioning such affairs in regular life, especially in a new relationship, is not very healthy. Be curious but support your loved one and do not let it affect you, definitely on Valentine’s Day.

Well, these were the essential questions you must discuss with your partners before you give in a serious commitment, especially on Valentine’s Day. Wear the color of love and spend some quality time together because love is in the air! Capture the memories, make gifs and boomerangs to make this Valentine’s Day special for both of you. Experiment with new blends of tea and cook some new recipes for your loved ones. This is one day when everyone deserves to feel special. Choose from a wide range of tea gift boxes exclusively available on Teafloor. Share smiles and spread love!


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