8 Struggles That Every Tea Lover Will Understand

Tea Lover

Do you need a hot cup of tea first thing in the morning? Do you need refills of tea throughout the day? Do you spend a lot of money on purchasing tea? If yes, then you are a true tea lover! Honestly, being a tea lover has never been easy.

Let’s Have a Look at The Life Struggles of a Tea Lover.

1. There Are Too Many Options To Choose From

There is a tea for every mood and occasion. So, it’s obvious to get overwhelmed when given a ton of choices. Relatable? A tea lover would prefer an energizing black tea to cut down that ‘to-do list’ or get ready for that intense workout. Soothing green, mint tea becomes a saviour whenever they go out for a meal at their favourite restaurant.
Want to sleep like a baby? Then chamomile or lavender tea will be their pick. There is perfect tea for every situation, time and mood. So, for a true tea lover, it becomes hard and confusing to make a decision.

2. Having All Types of Teas

Every tea lover is a proud owner of almost all varieties of teas. They rejoice at the thought of having unlimited access to tea- what else does one need? The classic chai, herbal tisane, jasmine tea or green tea– you name it and voila, they have it. Since, it is very difficult to decide which one is the best without trying, they always end up stacking loads of tea boxes.

3. Shortage of Storage Spaces

The cupboard of a tea lover always falls short for their ever-growing tea collection. This doesn’t prevent them from buying more as they believe there still exists a tea they are yet to stumble upon. They are often fond of ordering fancy, new flavours despite being heavy on the pocket. Moreover, the first thing they want to add to their cart while shopping is this heavenly potion. The very thought of running out of tea makes them panic!

4. Meeting Someone Who Doesn’t Like Tea

Do you know a tea lover’s definition of a good day? Sipping well-made tea throughout the day. It is natural to be surprised (or at times overreact) to meet someone who doesn’t like tea. Suddenly, the ultimate goal of their life becomes to enlighten the poor soul about how magical TEA is.

True Tea Lover

5. Obsession With The Health Benefits of Tea

Researching the health benefits of tea is the favourite pastime of every tea lover. Tea helps you stay in shape, prevent diseases and also regulate overall health. ‘Sip some tea!’ is their go-to advice for anyone suffering from health issues. Did you catch a cold? Feeling sad? Unable to sleep? Having a headache? There exists a tea for every problem.

6. Their Love for Tea is Often Misunderstood

Tea lovers can’t start their day without their cup of magic. Tea making is like meditation- from boiling the water, to steeping, pouring and finally drinking. The warm sensation of tea against the lips helps rejuvenate their mind. It also helps focus on the present and soothes the soul. Not getting one’s favourite morning cuppa can make tea lovers sulk like a kid.

7. Difficult to Keep Count of Tea Consumed Daily

Every tea lover’s day starts and ends with a cup of tea by the side. Time and place have little to do with their tea obsession. They carry it with themselves to restaurants, offices and even on vacations. Can life be possible without your favourite tea? Obviously, not! They consume tea so frequently that it becomes hard to keep track.

8. Prefer Making Own Tea

Tea lovers have a distinctive taste and never trust anyone for making them a cup. The worst thing that can happen to them is drinking a badly tasting tea. Declining a friend’s request can be a tricky situation. Hence, one has to take the risk of hurting their loved ones. This is every tea lover’s biggest nightmare.

Tea has miraculous effects on the body and is the greatest gift of nature. Nothing can compete with the aroma, taste and warmth of a good cup of tea. If you have not tried it yet, definitely give it a try. This is because a cup of tea makes everything better.

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