Green Tea For Acne And Fungal Infections: How Is It Helpful?


Have you ever woken up to the stinging pain of a zit on your chin? Or maybe an inflamed spot between your toes? Acne and fungal infections are two common yet stressful problems faced by people every day. While acne occur mostly during puberty, these problems are not a surprising phenomenon in adults either. Pesky pimples and rashes can be a nightmare for adults. However, one of the best natural remedies for these is green tea. Not just as a form of drink, but also as a beauty regimen, green tea for acne and fungal infections is a scarcely explored option.

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, which includes blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, cystic acne, spots, pimples etc. Adult acne erupts on the most inconvenient areas, like the face, back, neck, chest and upper arms. While puberty acne are a part of growing up, adult acne develop due to other reasons like pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive consumption of oily or sweet foods etc. Fungal infections, on the other hand, are mischievous corruptions where we end up inhaling tiny fungi spores or they land on the skin without our realisation. They propagate and show up in the form of swelling and inflammation like athlete’s foot, yeast infection, acne or a skin rash. Acne and fungal infections can not only be embarrassing but disconcerting situations for people and their self-esteems.

Nevertheless, there is always a solution for every problem. While both of these can be treated with the help of topical medication, a natural solution is always beneficial for the user. Plus, when it comes to healthcare, green tea has an exemplary resume. Green tea for acne and fungal infection treatment is a rather convenient solution for it has bountiful benefits that improve our overall health.

Advantages Of Green Tea For Acne And Fungal Infections

  • Green tea is rich in catechins, which are antimicrobial in nature and help destroy acne causing bacteria and fungi spores.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness, swelling and inflammation caused by acne and fungal infections.
  • Green tea is helpful in treating hormonal imbalance, which is one of the major causes of adult acne.
  • It suppresses the production of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which aggravates the sebaceous glands and causes acne.
  • The antioxidants present in green tea neutralise free radicals, therefore protecting skin cells against fungal infections, acne inflammation and early aging.
  • These antioxidants also help heal acne scars and marks.
  • When used externally, green tea works as a pore tightening toner, which unclogs pores and gets rid of excessive oil in the skin.
  • The polyphenols and catechins present in green tea ease infected swelling, thereby helping reduce the effect of fungal infections.

Methods of using green tea for acne and fungal infections

Green tea can be used not just as a drink but in various other forms to heal and repair our skin and fight against acne and infections:

  • Green Tea as a Beverage: Popularly consumed as a liquid refreshment, green tea is packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation. It cleanses the body from within, therefore getting rid of any toxin buildup that may aggravate acne. For rosacea sufferers who have sun sensitivity, green tea decreases the skin’s reactivity to UV light. It is always a good option to drink about 1-2 cups of green tea every day, as one cup delivers about 150 gms of antioxidants. The best green teas to drink for acne and fungal infection are Chamomile, Stinging Nettle and Peppermint.
  • Green Tea as a Toner: Brewed and cooled green tea can be used as a toner for your skin. After washing your face, apply brewed green tea over your affected areas with the help of cotton and let it stay for about 15-20 minutes. Once your skin absorbs the required amount, wipe your face with a damp cloth or tissue. The green tea will not only tighten your pores, but it will unclog them and remove any excess dirt or pollution buildup that may inflame your acne. Mixed with ingredients like apple cider vinegar or lemon, green tea toners can work miracles in refining pores and soothing acne.
  • Green Tea as DIY Masks: Using green tea topically will give quicker results than consuming it. So, instead of throwing out your freshly brewed leaves, mix them with a bit of honey, turmeric or chickpea flour and make your own face mask. DIY masks are not only a fun activity, but also very effective if mixed with the right kind of ingredients for your skin concern and type. Plus, by using your tea in a homemade mask, you will be optimissing your green tea to the fullest. The best combination, however, of green tea for acne or infected skin is tea leaves blended with raw honey.

Ingredients That Add Value To Green Tea For Acne And Fungal Infections

  1. Raw Honey:  Honey is one of the best ingredients to mix in your green tea for both drinking and external use. It is antibacterial in nature which helps kill unwanted bacteria. It acts as a humectant and helps retain moisture in the skin without making it oily.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar balances the pH level of our skin and also helps kill bacteria and fungi spores. When mixed with green tea for drinking, it adds to detoxifying the body. Whereas, when added to green tea for external use, it helps remove excess dirt, dead skin cells and remnants of makeup.
  3. Aloe Vera: Though aloe vera is rarely consumed with tea as a beverage, it is very effective in external usage of green tea. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature not only kills unwanted bacteria and spores but also soothes swelling and redness. Aloe vera also increases the skin’s elasticity and makes it smooth and soft.
  4. Lemon: Lemons are natural astringents with antibacterial properties.  They control oil production in skin, unclog pores and aid in fighting against acne causing bacteria. They can even soothe fungal infections by destroying spores. Lemons are known for their mild bleaching properties, which can lighten up acne spots and scars. Not just that, they are rich in vitamin C that detoxifiy the body from within, giving skin a natural healthy glow.

Like any other natural remedy, green tea also takes its own time to cure your ailments. However, it is always a better option to use green tea for acne and fungal infections, as it is an organic solution. Adult acne and fungal infection, if left untreated, can cause further problems to your body. And by consuming green tea, you not only provide your skin with a healthier glow, but also remediate the condition of your entire body from inside out.

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