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  • All About Tea
  • Why is Chamomile Tea the Best Tea for Weight Loss

    Benefits of chamomile tea

    Chamomile tea has diverse health benefits and the speciality of this tea lies in a daisy-like plant from which it originates. Famously used as sleeping aids, these tea-producing, medicinal plants help in calming your mind. Chamomile tea is further known for its medicinal properties while also being famous for its beauty benefits. Commonly found in […]

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  • Does Drinking Green Tea has a positive effect on Blood Pressure Reduction?

    effect of green tea

    Hypertension is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease and dietary and lifestyle factors are the major risk factors associated with it. Therefore, changes in the dietary pattern and lifestyle can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of development of hypertension and its related complications. For the prevention of hypertension dietary patterns should […]

  • All About Tea
  • Make Good Health Your Cup of Tea, With A Cup of Tea


    Who doesn’t like to start their day with a Refreshing Cup of Tea? Tea, the dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, is the most popular beverage, consumed by over two-thirds of the world’s population. Different types of teas available in the market are black (fermented), green (non-fermented) and oolong (semi-fermented). These are classified based […]