Share to Cure- “I was never skinny enough.”

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Last year, we received a simple question from Tanya Nayyar asking which tea can help her lose weight and improve her digestion.

Surprisingly, we recently received a mail from her wherein, she took the initiative to narrate her true story with us and we made it a point to give voice to her words.

Here’s what she said…

People who obsess over physical fitness tend to overlook that mental health is equally essential. My story is about the insecurities, flaws and demotivation that every person who has ever been overweight has to go through. Not everyone can relate, but being a fat girl, growing up in a sophisticated family is neither a fairy tale nor a piece of cake. From friends and relatives to your own family members, every Tom, Dick, and Harry finds a way to ridicule you. There came a phase in my life when all this took a toll on my mind and I started feeling hopeless and unproductive, and I began to hate my own body. At that point, I could do anything to lose weight. Without thinking too much I took Teafloor’s kind advice and incorporated Trupti- a green tea for after meal digestion, in my diet schedule. I became so determined to lose weight that tea and exercise became inseparable parts of my life. Astonishingly, after 6 months of hardcore workout and sipping Trupti three times a day, my weight dropped down from 72 to 60 kg.

Honestly, I never knew that I’d come this far. This transformation gave me the courage to fight against all odds and face the world with confidence. Today, my weight is 52 kg and the people who once bullied me for my weight now not only appreciate my uphill battle, but also admire my transformation. Gradually, my older version will be removed from everybody’s mind but one thing that I can never eliminate from my schedule is a cup of Trupti, my after meal drink.

This was my story, I’m sure there are many like me and to them my advice would be to hang in there and have faith in yourself as well as Teafloor’s advice.

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  1. sapna singhal says: Reply

    Beautifully written 🙂 All the best,God bless you.

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