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Luxury and Beauty with Tea- Because It’s More than Just a Drink

Beauty with Tea

For centuries tea has been loved by people for its taste, health benefits and the effects that it leaves them with. However, just like there are two sides of a coin, there’s a lot more about tea than just being a health drink. Not many people know that the ingredients extracted from various parts of the tea like bark, stem, root, leaf or bud have medication for quite a lot of issues that people face. Other than this, tea can also be used to create products that folks use in their homes. Some of these items can be soap made out of tea which can serve as a really good gift to friends and family, appreciated for their beautiful smell and artistic appeal. These soaps are handcrafted, using the cold process method and put into storage for at least a month. Some of these popular soaps contain green, lavender and chamomile tea.

Let’s have a look at what all do you need to make that perfect piece, smelling of beautiful flavours of tea.

• A melt & pour base
• Silicone soap molds
• 3 teabags of the flavour that you wish to add to your tea like white rose, lavender or hibiscus
• Lavender oil
• Flowers (dried and edible)
• A pot

How to do it right?

• Set out your silicone molds and sprinkle some edible flowers into it in the way that it settles at the bottom.
• Put the melt and pour base in the pot after cutting it into small pieces and start melting it at low heat, stirring it continuously until it melts entirely.
• It’s time to add some aromatic tea after the base is completely molten. All you have to do is cut open the top of the tea bags and pour them into the mix.
• The next step is to add a few drops of essential oil, the best options can be lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit or you can also add any other of your choice.
• We suggest you to keep stirring for 2-5 minutes so the tea and essential oil infuse well into the mix.
• After that pour the mix into the silicone soap molds, once again, sprinkle some edible flowers on top
• Finally, refrigerate the molds and wait for them to set.

Additionally, there’s also something for those who are fond of beautiful flowers and their aromatic smells. In short, tea can also help you maintain your beautiful garden of flowers.

Addition to compost: Adding some tea into the compost of the plant will encourage the growth of bacteria that are beneficial for the advancement of the plant.
Beneficial for roses: We all love tea, don’t we? So why throw it even after it has been used? You can put all your used tea leaves around your rose plant and water it. This will produce tannic acid and a few other nutrients that will benefit the plant.
Helps potted plants: Occasionally, adding brewed tea instead of water to feed the plants makes the soil rich and retain water as well as valuable nutrients.

Beauty with Teas

After luxury, the one thing that matters the most is beauty and looks. And by now it must not be difficult for you to guess that tea can help in that too.

Let’s see how?

Pacify sunburn: It’s no secret that we’re all troubled with the problems caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Coupled with that is pollution to make it even worse. The good news here is, wet teabags can help soothe problems like sunburns. And if you’re going through a full-body sunburn, you can either mix a few tea leaves in the water while bathing or use soap bars made out of tea.

Soothe tired eyes: The reasons for tired eyes could be many, like lack of sleep, long working hours in front of the computer screen or binge-watching your favourite series. It’s definite that drinking tea when you’re tired is beneficial but you can also use those warm tea bags to cure your puffed eyes.

Save a broken fingernail: Almost every other woman faces the problem of partially broken nails. To recover it, all you have to do is use a piece of tea bag and create a strap between the nail and the broken piece. To let it stay fixed coat some nail polish over it and you nail will stay as it is.

Make mouthwash: It is usually advised to brush your teeth after the first meal so that the bacteria may not come back. However, if you don’t wish to follow this advice, the least you can do is use tea to save your mouth from bacteria. All you need is some loose leaf peppermint tea, water and salt to rinse your mouth with.

Shine dry hair: Mixing brewed tea with your hair oil adds that extra shine to your dry hair. You can use it before taking a head bath. Remember to use unsweetened tea and leave to dry for a while.

Dye hair: Instead of using any cosmetic product on your hair filled with chemicals you can always use brewed tea to dye your hair naturally. Adding rosemary and sage into dark black tea will give your hair a great colour. You can repeat the process as needed for the desired color.

Improve skin: Bathing in green tea can naturally beautify your skin. Especially, Chamomile green tea. It not only softens your skin but cleanses it of all the tan and dust. It can also be used to cure acne of the face.

Other than these uses, tea can be a part of our lifestyle in numerous other ways. For example, an artist would know that tea is also used to create paintings. Black tea is widely used to paint backgrounds on sketches. Additionally, it can also create light, medium and dark shades. Teas like white tea can assuredly add a shine to the furniture. As we talk about shining, simply rubbing a teabag to a mirror or window can give them a delightful sparkle. And there’s a lot more to it.

After going through all the above things that tea can do for you, we’re sure that you would have got to know your favourite beverage better and still don’t consider it, just a drink. So, it’s high time you start considering tea as your new luxury or a drink that makes you and your home prettier.

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