Impressive Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea

The ever-so-popular Darjeeling tea is sourced directly from the picturesque hill station of Darjeeling, which is located in West Bengal, India. Known for its tea plantations, the district happens to be a very popular tourist destination. Most of the people residing in this area earn their livelihood by working in tea plantations. The brew has a very pleasant aroma and flavor. The light colored infusion emits a floral, fruity whiff, and the taste lingers on to the palate, even after the brew is fully consumed. That’s not it, the benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea are also countless. To know a little more, let’s move futher.

The Queen of Teas

The Darjeeling black tea is often referred to as the champagne of teas and for good reasons. The brew is absolutely delectable and is a favorite amongst tea aficionados and connoisseurs. If make this brew a part of your daily diet, then you will be able to notice a positive change in our overall health within a few months of usage. Keep in mind, that the leaves that your source is from a reputed seller like Teafloor so that you get your hands on authentic brew rather than the adulterated ones. Also, it is always preferable to purchase loose leaf Darjeeling tea, rather than tea bags. This way, you can easily judge the quality of the leaves, without any hassles. The brew is known for reducing oxidative stress, which is primarily the cause of cellular damage. Cellular damage within the body can cause cancer, so the this a beverage which has been proven to prevent cancer.

As per a number of studies, this brew from the picturesque hill station of West Bengal is extremely good for health in many different ways. Rich in antioxidants, there are many health benefits of Darjeeling black tea. The leaves are slightly difficult to procure, and they are a little expensive owing to its difficult accessibility. However, it happens to be an investment towards the health. Most people are not aware of the fact, that the Darjeeling brew, even though it is grown in small quantities, is exported abroad. In fact, it is auctioned for thousands of dollars in the international market. We have now ensured that Darjeeling tea can now be procured by the common man, by making it accessible and affordable at the same time. Plus, the deals and discounts on the website, will get you hooked. Apart from that, the sheer convenience of buying the leaves from the comfort of your home will leave you spoilt.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea from Darjeeling

As mentioned above, this brew has many health benefiting properties, and some of them are mentioned as follows:

Oral Care: A cup of black tea, helps in removing the plaque which forms a layer around the teeth. Apart from that, this brew is also known for, reducing bad breath. A cuppa in the morning refreshes the mouth and maintains the cleanliness of it for long hours of the day. A study published by the American Association for Cancer Research in April 2018 states that the this tea keeps the mouth, gums as well as the teeth free from bacterial infections.

Health Benefits of Darjeeling Black Tea

Treatment of Gastric Ulcers: Gastric ulcers have become really common amongst the young and old. The Amino acid L–theanine found in the Darjeeling tea is known for healing gastric ulcers. You can have this brew in moderation to keep the ulcers under control.

Weight Loss: One of the primary benefits of Darjeeling black tea is weight loss. Those individuals who are trying to lose some extra pounds must include this brew in their everyday diet because it contains caffeine which boosts energy as well as the mood. It accelerates thermogenesis or the fat burning process with the body and suppresses the appétite at the same time. Having a cuppa before you hit the gym will be a great idea.

The Darjeeling tea, hands down, is one of the most amazing beverages, you can ever lay your hands on. It contains significant amounts of antioxidants which is great for the body and mind. The caffeine acts as a mood uplifter and the brew improves brain functions as well. With so many health benefits of Darjeeling Black tea, there is no way Health Benefits can say no to this tea from the foothills of the Himalayas.


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