Know About The Organic Black Tea Cultivation In West Bengal

Tea experience is a form of luxury for many while for others it is like a daily ritual. Tea has been consumed from thousands of years in the world with more than ninety percent of tea being the black tea. With the concept of being organic, the sale of organic products has been on a rise, and certainly has been a rise in “organic black tea.” The cultivation of organic black tea takes place in the west Bengal region mainly. West Bengal is present across the Himalayan foothills and is well known for producing some of the finest teas. There are well known tea estates present in Darjeeling, Dooars, Kurseong among others, in parts of West Bengal. These tea estates produce some of the best and finest tea labels across the world. You can also get a tour of these estates and experience as the manufacturing & processing of Tea, tasting sessions, luxury retreats in the plantations & much more. One can also partake in the annual Tea & Tourism festival held at Dooars & relish in the sheer pleasure of the realms of nature – the panoramic views, the bio-diversity, nature walks & other adventure pursuits.

Organic Tea cultivation at West Bengal

Let us look at the tea estates producing tea in West Bengal. Before we proceed further, we should know one fact that the west Bengal area is a magical place and is known for two things – “Tea plantations” and the “Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.” People from all across the world travel to see the organic black tea and other tea cultivation in these exquisite teas gardens. These gardens produce all kinds of tea from Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Purple Tea and Yellow Tea.

Glenburn Tea Estate

This estate is one of the famous estates in West Bengal and is located exclusively in the Darjeeling. It is a big 1,600 acres plantation estate and is an hour’s drive from Darjeeling. You can buy tea online of any variety at teafloor. The estate has 8 attractive & well-equipped suites and a romantic Verandah. They are designed from Victorian Teak wood furniture and offers breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga Mountain range. These suites are categorized as Kanchenjunga Suite, Planter’s Suite, Rose Suite, Simbong Butterfly Suite, Camelia Suite, Rungeet Suite, Rung Dung Suite and Singalila Suite. This estate has one of the best organic black tea cultivation in India.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

This tea estate is a legend, was established in 1854 and is considered one of the oldest estates in the India. It is over 437 acres and is situated at a height of 6,800 feet above sea level. It is near to the north of Darjeeling and has more than 1500 people. The original owner of this estate, David Wilson in 1903, an English man, originally established the estate in the year 1854. This estate produces some of the best organic black teas in India and is exported across the world.

The Cooch Behar

This was established in the year 1950. This place is a miracle and is located in the foothills of the Darjeeling Hills. This place attracts people from across the world and is a host to almost 30,000 small tea growers in North Bengal. Tea floor gets you some of the best organic black tea collection from the finest gardens in West Bengal. Come and shop with us today only. Log on to and find the best organic black tea that suits you.

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