Tea: A Saviour From Procrastination

Loose tea leaves Procrastination

Being a procrastinator at heart, I devote a lot of my time delaying tasks to another schedule or day. Additionally, more time is spent feeling guilty and beating myself up about my procrastination. The cycle of delay, anxiety and sleep deprivation became a trap which is difficult to get rid of. I researched a lot about this and tried a few hacks – yes, they worked but only for short term. The one thing which helped me overpower my habit was acceptance-stop avoiding, simply face it. Honestly, being a procrastinator could actually turn out to be productive when used thoughtfully.

How to Beat Procrastination Through Tea

I started devoting time to not only identifying the main task but also to deciding other activities that could be carried out throughout the day. This allowed me to to focus on the main task passively which improved my creativity as well as efficiency. One such activity included tea making.

Procrastination Loose tea leaves

Tea relaxes the mind

The ritual of preparing tea- from boiling the water, to steeping, pouring and finally drinking helps release stress, especially during exams. To sit and watch the water boil, observe the leaves twirl and dance to the rhythm of water, enjoy the aroma and rich colour of tea, take a sip and feel the warmth against your lips helps me rejuvenate. Those five to ten minutes are like meditation for me. This process helps me focus on the present and soothe the soul.

If you have been attending endless lectures or staring at a computer screen for hours trying to get that work done, you are bound to feel frustrated. To have that little break and sip some tea with your close friends is a nice reminder that you are not alone. Likewise, tea is my go to drink first thing in the morning. It helps uplift my mood and makes me ready to conquer my daily battles!

Tea is good for health

The benefits of tea are not just limited to its calming ritual of preparation. It does wonders for the body and honestly, I couldn’t ask for more. Tea has been used for centuries for curing diseases and medicinal research has finally confirmed the healing properties of this magic potion. The antioxidants in tea leaves help to strengthen the immune system, aid in weight management, treat headaches and migraines, maintain oral and heart health etc. Tea is a delicious alternative to sugary juices and caffeine loaded coffee. It has added benefits of vitamins and minerals that enhance metabolism and keep regular calorie consumption under control.

Tea helps you focus

Whenever I have to deal with tasks that require quick action, I often get the procrastination problem kicking in. Tea contains an antioxidant known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that helps to improve cognitive function. For someone who gets bored as easily as I do, tea is a saviour. Tea helps me stay focused and finish my work on time.

Tea keeps you hydrated

We all know that tea is made up of mostly water. It has been proven that water helps in thinking faster and more creatively, as well as, promotes better brain functions. Dehydration reduces concentration which may lead to procrastination. Why not make boring water tasty? Sipping tea can increase water intake throughout the day which leads to glowing and healthy skin. It fights wrinkles and provides protection against sun damage with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea can also be enjoyed practically everywhere at all times- credits to tumblers, thermos and mugs. So, while you’re sitting in the library or at home, ensure that you consume enough fluids to keep going!

A little bit of procrastination can be quite healthy. Although I may not be actively working on the task at hand, it gives me time and space to think creatively about it. It can help me relax from work and improve my productivity. So, the next time you get overwhelmed by your to do list- brew a cup of tea and get going. You can’t get good ideas by worrying or compelling yourself to work. Surely, tea is a solution to every problem!

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