What It’s Like To Work At Teafloor?


When it’s time for you to join an organisation as an intern, it is the very first step you take from being a student to an employee. As this happens, you undergo a number of changes, starting from the lifestyle you follow, the work that you do, and the people you meet every day. Not many of us take notice of the fact that a major part of whether our day is going to be good or bad, depends on the kind of people we are surrounded with. When we talk about an organisation, it is its people or employees that define the culture of the organisation. Thus, an organisation’s culture and its people are the ones that will influence your mind and work the most, either positively or negatively.

Other than this, there are a lot of other factors in an organisation that will define your working conditions which may differ in every organisation, depending on their culture. To brief you with an example,

Here’s What Teafloor has to Offer its Employees

A Good Boss: Usually, the first thing that an intern would look forward to is working under a kind and helping boss. Here at Teafloor, that’s the last thing you need to worry about. At every step, you will find friendly colleagues with open hearts and helping hands. Solving the problems that an employee may face is a priority of not just the boss but every senior in the working domain. Thus, you don’t need to think twice before asking for help.

A Perfect Guide: As an intern, it’s not an easy job to cope up with the expectations of your boss or seniors. A good guide, however, can help you through this journey. Thus, every intern here is put under the guidance of a mentor who gives you a complete understanding of the work to be done. He/she helps you learn from every mistake that you make and also looks after everything that you do, from performing the easiest to the toughest of tasks.

Significant Breaks: It’s true that spending the entire day sitting at one place is not an easy thing to do. However, the significant breaks will definitely make it easier for you. Starting from the morning tea break to the 45 minutes lunch time in the afternoon and yet another tea break in the evening, you will get substantial time to relax your body and mind and have some quality time with your colleagues.

Monthly Meetings: This is the best time for every employee to interact with the boss as well as other seniors. Through these meetings, everyone is made aware of the monthly progress of the organisation as well as the individual progress of every member of the team. The best part of these meetings is that on the basis of good performance, employees are also rewarded with certificates as well as bonus money. The cherry on the cake is that the entire team is rewarded with a lunch treat by the boss as a form of praise for everyone.

Monthly Leaves: As mentioned above, you need not think twice before stating your problems. Thus, you can always look forward to asking for a leave just to take a break from your daily routine, and your request will be granted. Also, you can work from home to match up with your everyday targets.

Supportive Colleagues: The employees here are more than welcoming to new people, and will help you fit in, as early as possible. The best thing about working here is that every employee helps the other employees to carry out their working with a constant support and direct contact with the seniors which you may not find in other organisations.

Every Employee is Valuable: No matter whatever position an employee may hold, their ideas are always valued and listened to. This is not the end of it, you will always be guided further on how to make your ideas better. Also, you’ll be a part of every important decision that is taken for the organisation as well as the employees.

Encouraging Environment: The one best thing about working at Teafloor is that every employee is encouraged to do better and learn more, not just from their own work but also from what your colleagues do. You’ll always be encouraged to spend some time learning new things and experiment, not just for the company’s progress but also your own.

No Dress Code: This is definitely one of the best things about working here, especially for those who don’t wish to spend extra time in thinking what to wear.

Celebrations: Celebrating together is one thing that will make your work place feel like home. Whatever the occasion be, the entire organisation or as they say it – the Teafloor family, is always ready to celebrate along. Birthday, festivals or even farewell of interns as well as employees are celebrated with such enthusiasm and zeal that the one leaving the organisation goes with tears of happiness and a lot of beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Towards the end, we would like to make you aware of only a few things that you might find difficult to adjust with, like 6 working days and 9 hours of work every day (sorry boss). However, with all the perks mentioned above, we’re sure you can cope up with a few cons, since working in any organisation is definitely not a cake walk.

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