Black Tea and its Health Benefits

black tea benefits

Black tea is one of the best types of tea and an extremely popular healthy beverage.  Black tea is known to be more oxidized than green, oolong, or white tea and has a very strong flavor. If you want to enjoy your tea type and take care of your health at the same time, black tea is best to start your day with.

Unlike all other forms of tea, black tea is also made from the leaves of the shrub Camellia sinensis and has its origin in China.  The more the tea leaves are processed, the better is the quality of black tea.

The origin and popularity of black tea

Black Tea is an excellent source of taste as well as nutrients all over the world.  Being the most loved beverage, black tea has a special place in the list of favorite beverages of people all across the globe. Not only tea has ingredients that serve a medicinal purpose but also holds a different place in the healthy routine being adapted by people having knowledge and standing of a healthy lifestyle.

In recent years, there has been a spike in the number of black tea consumers and all because of the health benefits associated with it.

How It’s Made?

Black tea is produced from a plant known as Camellia Sinensis and is the same for green, white, or oolong tea. The only difference between the various types of tea is completely dependent on the process of harvesting and processing. Once tea leaves are harvested from the plant, these leaves are sorted and then they undergo a process of witting. Followed by bruising, rolling, and then the main process of oxidation occurs for the tea leaves and the classification is completed on the basis of the undergone process.

China might have been the place for the development of black tea leaves initially but the tea type is now being sold all over the world. The story behind creating black tea lies in the fact that Chinese people in the older times wanted to store tea leaves for a longer time and hence started fermenting them, which eventually lead to what we drink today as black tea.

One cannot deny the fact that black tea is one of the most opted tea types under a healthy beverage and can be great for the health in the long run.

black tea Leaf

 It is quality and leaf type

Black tea is usually classified under four scales of quality and each one differs in the quality and tea leaves. The best quality black tea leaves are the whole leaf ones and are the richest in taste. Black tea is found in different varieties and is sold both online and offline. Black tea can give a great taste in different blends and has been replaced with the usual green tea.

Due to the various qualities of black tea available in the market, there are different options to choose from. We all know very well that black tea has actually become an important name in Asian households and is preferred over a lot of other tea types.

Benefits of black tea

Black tea is considered a great replacement for milk-based tea and you can also add flavors to it. There are multiple benefits of black tea and one can only understand it when they start adding it to the daily routine. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of black tea:

  • Black tea is a preferred choice for most of the population due to the natural ingredients and the last number of additives added to it that reduce the risk of chemical interactions, harmful radiations involved in the process.
  • Not to forget black tea has also been known as a potential source for the treatment of cancer and many other health conditions provided it is consumed in the right way. Blood pressure is another great medical condition that can be treated by the consumption of black tea.
  • The consumption of black tea is also known to increase your focus and hence can be great at times like social gatherings, office meetings, and studying.
  • Black tea has been benefiting a wide range of people due to its nutritional content and the least processing. Several surveys were conducted in different countries to understand the fondness and effects of tea amongst a fixed group of people.
  • According to the results, the larger portion i.e., around 63 percent of the population prefers black tea over other kinds of tea. The major reason being the medicinal benefits that can be attained from a warm cup of tea.
  • Anti-oxidants help our body to fight free radicals and this being the major benefit associated with the consumption of black tea, helps in improving the immune system by creating a barrier for diseases and infections. Free radicals are unstable molecules obtained from various natural as well as environmental processes. These are naturally removed from the body but in case, these are produced in a larger amount or accumulated for a longer time, this can create problems within the body itself.
  • Black tea provides protection against diseases such as blood pressure, atherosclerosis, immune system, lowering cancer risk, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and many other conditions as well. This consumption also helps in lowering sugar levels and provides control against diabetes. Also, this is a good source of nutrition due to the presence of an adequate amount of caffeine and amino acids.

black tea

Why Black Tea?

Do you know that the United States reported that around eighty-four percent of the total consumption of tea was black tea and the rest included all different kinds of tea which itself is a record?

Black Tea is one of the best beverages for health and is considered a great alternative to normal tea types.  The reason why black tea should be considered over other types is already shared above, so make your decision wisely!

If you want to enjoy the benefits of black tea, you should start involving it in your routine today, buy black tea online, and enjoy its benefits to the core!

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