Tea for Diwali: It’s Time To Rethink Your Diwali Gifts

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The culturally rich land of India has numerous festivals. Almost every time of the year, some part of the country is bustling with one festival or the other. But one of the most popular festivals in India, and overseas, is Diwali. This decorated pan Indian festival is known for lighting up our lives with bright colours, lights and delicious food. During this “Festival of Lights”, families and friends get together and indulge in merry making, light lamps and gorge on delectable sweet treats. However, the tradition of Diwali has undergone a massive change in recent years. From saying ‘No’ to crackers to welcoming ‘healthy’ and ‘organic’ variations as Diwali gifts, the way of celebration is evolving every year.

So, what’s more special than trying out new and exquisite Diwali gift hampers for your loved ones?

Rethink Diwali Gifts

What started with homemade sweets, moved onto market bought treats and now chocolates. The Diwali gifts scenario keeps evolving comprehensively for more creative and easily procured items. Giving sweets for Diwali has become an overrated pattern for the millennial buyer. Everyone wants their Diwali gifts to leave a lasting impact on their loved ones. And the only way a gift can do so, is by adding some sort of improving quality to the receiver’s life. This Diwali season, step back from the regular snack box or ornaments and try a tea gift box instead. You could opt for an exotic blend from Darjeeling or Assam, or maybe a flavourful mélange of herbs and fruits like Lemon Ginger or Orange Peel. Pair these delectable teas with mugs, tea sets or even scented candles. This not only leaves a lasting impression on your kin, but also motivates them to continue on their path towards a healthy life.

The Perfect Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea is a widely loved beverage. Statistically, out of ten, eight people are tea lovers. And this is a fact that doesn’t require much reinforcement. Gifts for tea lovers are not the trickiest to assemble. Plus, they aren’t very heavy on the pockets either. Flavoured teas like Vanilla, Pomegranate or Peppermint not only pack a punch of anti-oxidants but are also a wonderful addition to a tea lover’s collection. It’s always a better option to mix and match flavours to create a Diwali gifts box. Pair that with a stunning tea infuser, pretty tea mugs or maybe a striking container which preserves the teas’ aroma, and you have the perfect gifts for tea lovers in your family.

Diwali Gifts

A Diwali Gift Box of Wellness

With changing times, the current generation is more inclined towards products that support their aim of a fit routine. Furthermore, the working scenario of today is hectic and stressful. Everyone is looking for a way to soothe their minds after a stressful day. If that isn’t enough, the festive season brings about the need to clean and decorate our houses. Every celebrator is buried in all of this and so, they forget to get themselves something. To make up for that, what’s better than making a Diwali gift box full of wellness teas? Show your loved ones that you care and let them savor the deliciousness of teas enriched with fruits, herbs and spices. For a better Diwali experience, create a tea gift box that comprises of our teas like Spoorti or Ananda, which not only gives relief from stress but also energizes the body. Or you could opt for something that gives your immunity a boost, like Arogya or Urja. There is an option for all in our ChaiSpa range, especially curated for those who aspire to have a healthier lifestyle.

Bring a change to your own Diwali

Serving sweet treats is a must for any festival in India, especially Diwali.  While gifts and other festivities are the thoughts that come to our minds first, we almost always forget about the food at home. Hence, the quickest way to prepare snacks for guests is to buy sweets and soft drinks. However, being creative with your service choices is an improvement in your own lifestyle. Instead of offering your guests unhealthy beverages like soft drinks and packaged juices, go in for a healthier alternative, like tea. Whether it’s a Kadak Masala chai to overcome the Diwali shiver, or a cup of Chocolate black tea for those who like it sweet; keep an assortment of teas for everyone. Offering a warm cup of tea to your guests makes the entire environment more relaxed and informal. Not just that, the right cup of tea is a great way to bring your family together. Change the way you welcome your guests this year. Offer them a cup of sweet tea, and make them feel at home.

People are always trying to leave a better impression with their Diwali gifts, which contribute to the receiver’s lifestyle. At Teafloor, we bring forth a wide variety of teas in terms of flavour, wellness and luxury. From teas that originate from the far out gardens of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiris to colourful blends made from the finest ingredients, our company has exemplary options of gifts for tea lovers. The rest is your choice; whether you decide to turn them into a unique tea gift box or customize them as personal Diwali gifts. With that being said, Diwali not only gives you an opportunity to give memorable gifts to others, but also to yourselves.

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  1. I really found a good gift for my friend who is a Tea lover. It will a great Diwali gift for her.

  2. Aanchal Mittal says: Reply

    My most friends are tea lover and really it will be a quirky gift for them.

  3. AMAZING! It would be a great idea for all tea lovers, very unique and excellent idea for this Diwali thanks for sharing.

  4. Really? Can tea make a good Diwali gift? I am hearing first time in my life. I will try it at least once.

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