8 Enchanting Healthy Herbal Wellness Teas You Should Try

Healthy Herbal Wellness Teas

Gone are the days of depending on medicines to keep you fine. Now, you can add a cup of herbal wellness teas to your exercise regime and get fit like never before. Why? What’s so special about wellness teas? And where to find these magnificent herbal ones?

Wellness tea is a decoction of multiple herbs and spices. It may or may not get infused with minimally oxidized green tea for better flavor, aroma, and health benefits.

We’re bringing you a list of 8 healthy herbal wellness teas you don’t want to miss. All these have different herbs and spices making them capable of preventing many illnesses for you while giving you a flavourful and aromatic cup to cherish. Have a look!

8 Herbal Wellness Teas You Can Enjoy Today 

Herbal Wellness Teas

1. Urja

We take white sage, lemongrass, and hibiscus along with an antioxidant-rich green tea that helps you stay energized. We call this tea – Urja – which in the Hindi language means energy.

You no longer need jittery cups of coffee for a boost of energy every day. Having too many cups of coffee can even get dehydration.

A cup of Urja is your savior, as it has remarkably few amounts of caffeine, but amino acids like L-theanine, that stimulate your brain and increase the alpha activity inside. Thus, helping you boost your energy levels.

You should know that herbs like lemongrass and hibiscus also bring you a sweet aroma and magical flavor to enjoy.

2. Nidra

Chamomile, passionflower, and lavender are all herbs that have relaxing abilities. That’s why individually they make a great cup that helps you sleep better every night.

Guess what, we infused all these herbs and flowers together and made our ChaiSpa special — Nidra

Nidra has all these herbs along with some green tea that adds more health to the blend. The calming qualities of these herbs with the antioxidants present in green tea promise to calm your nerves, helping you forget about the stressful day and focus on a deep slumber for the night.

3. Spoorti

Spoorti is a part of Teafloor’s special ChaiSpa collection aimed at helping you maintain your weight. Its many nourishing ingredients, including kokum flower, cinnamon, blueberries, and orange zest mixed with gratifying green tea, bring a fruity flavor to the table.

All these ingredients with the fruity punch help you lose weight. The herbs, spices, and fruit extract infused in this tea have loads of antioxidants that help to increase your metabolic rate, so you lose fat even while you are resting

Also, because tea is hydrating (it keeps you feeling full) and the fruity flavor is delicious enough to reduce other sweet-tooth cravings, you crave less unhealthy food and more health.

Healthy Wellness Teas

4. Trupti

Lemon peel, orange rind, and fennel with green tea leaves make a concoction great to increase your body’s digestive properties. They help in the breakdown of food while adding nourishment.

Thanks to the antioxidants that help increase your metabolic rate and in the breakdown of food, you get a friend in the form of ‘trupti’ to stay away from problems like indigestion.

5. Slimtox energy tea

With herbs like Rooibos, Gymnema Sylvester, Fennel, Moringa, Tulsi, Mint, Jasmine, and Ashwagandha, Slimtox energy drink aims to help you slim down and detoxify your body. The tea also has Darjeeling’s finest oolong tea that makes its properties multiple times better.

All its ingredients have an extensive amount of flavonoids that help in your digestion and detoxification. Thus, helping your liver and kidneys work much better and keep you energized, fit and slim for long.

5. Skin and hair tea

When you mix green tea with Orange Peel, Turmeric, Rose Petals, Tulsi, Kudzu Root, Ashwagandha, Rooibos, Ginger, Mint, and Shilajit, you get a blend fit for both your skin and hair

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make the mix yourself. We have done it for you. Just make it like any other tea and cherish your hair growing healthy and your skin glowing like a baby’s.

All this is possible thanks to this tea’s ability to reduce cellular damage and increase blood flow. Thus, helping provide your skin and hair with the right amount of nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy.

6. Aqua Herb DG (digest)

Aqua Herb DG is one of the latest additions to our wellness tea collection. If you are in a time crunch and don’t have time to make tea traditionally, you can simply add this mixture to cold water and let the water infuse with goodness for a few minutes. You can also leave it overnight.

The infused water will help boost your digestion and immunity.

7. Slimtox relax 

Want a cup that helps get rid of toxins but gives you peace of mind too? Slimtox relax is the right pick. The calming ability of its ingredients helps relax your nerves, making you able to focus on the good in life.

It is a great evening pick-me-up to ensure you get to sleep in peace.

Summing Up

Those were our 8 best blends for you to make your day even more delightful. Not only do they target specific health functions like weight loss, immunity, and digestion, they bring a sense of calm along.
Whether you need something to boost your digestion, to strengthen your skin and hair health, or a simple detox drink, all these teas listed above are your friend.

You can try your favorites for a few days and then make them at least once as part of your morning routine. This way, you will ensure to have a dose of health and happiness every day, no matter how stressful or busy your day gets.
We don’t ever miss our beloved cup of tea, right? So, let’s take advantage of this habit and bless our health.

Go try one of the teas at Teafloortoday!

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