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  • Kadak Masala Kadak Masala
  • Kadak Masala Kadak Masala

Kadak Masala

  • category Flavored Blend
  • Know About Kadak Masala

  • Easy to make, this brew is liked by the young and mature alike. A hearty chai blend, Kadak Masala combines the goodness of tea and spices like cinnamon, tulsi, cardamom, ginger and cloves, delivering its drinkers a tantalizing effect.
  • Health Benefits

  • A cup of this spicy beverage can elevate your senses, helping ease nausea, cold and severe chest congestion. Plus, the electrifying flavour of this tea is an excellent wake-up call.
  • dry leaf

  • The base tea orignates from the foothill of the Himalayans and has been blended with some of the finest herbs and spices to give you a combination of the health benefits. Regular consumption of this tea will aid in the improvement of some of the common digestive ailments.
  • infusion

  • Bright, light yellowish golden liquor which has a very delicate & balanced mouthfill. It combines the goodness and taste of the selected herbs and spices to sooth your nerves and give you a calming effect at any time of the day.
  • liquor

  • Bright geeen leaves with dominant aroma of fennel and cardamom spices and the infusion is brought alive with the presence of whole chamomile flower.
  • steeping Notes

  • Water- 180ml, Temp- 80-85C, Quantity- 3.5 grm, Brewing Time- 1 min
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