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Our selection ranges from the functional to modern objects of liking. Choose from sophisticated teaware sets, infusers and drinkware to make your teatime even more customised and special.


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Buying Teaware is not an easy task. You need to first determine which style, material, or method of brewing is the best fit for you and the tea you like to consume. You cannot just buy any teaware without any research. Doing the required research and taking such decisions at an offline store can be difficult. Moreover, the offline market may not even have many varieties, or the teaware may not be of the best quality. To ensure all this, you must choose a professional platform which provides you with both variety and quality. Teafloor is an online tea store which helps you find your favourite teaware while facilitating you to do the required research and make the best decisions. So that you buy not just any teaware but the right one, as you desire.

What is Teaware?

Teaware is a range of equipment used in the brewing and consumption of tea. Some of these equipment are:

  • A tea infuser is a device in which loose, dried tea leaves are placed for steeping or brewing, in a mug or a teapot full of hot water; it is often called a teaball or tea maker, and sometimes a tea egg.
  • Teapots are vessels used to steep the tea leaves in hot water.
  • Teacups are vessels used to drink the hot tea from, after the leaves have been strained.
  • Tea strainers are used for extracting leaves from tea already steeped.
  • Tea trays are used to keep the tea and hot water from spilling onto the table.
  • Tea bags contain the tea leaves, loose or crushed and are used to hold tea leaves in water for removal after steeping.
  • Tea caddies are used for storing tea when not being consumed.

The Teaware material is of different kinds: Ceramic / Porcelain, Glass, Iron, Clay, Silver, and each of these has its own pros and cons.

Premiums of choosing the right Teaware

The right teaware with the right chosen material proves highly helpful.

  • It helps in heat retention, not letting your favourite brew cool down faster.
  • It does not interfere with the taste of the tea.
  • It does not cause any reaction with the tea.
  • It is durable
  • The teaware is easier to keep clean and hygienic
  • The teaware helps to note the qualities of a particular tea such as the flavour, aroma, colour, and clarity of liquor.

Teaware | Available at Teafloor

Different teaware suit different teas. It isn’t easy to find your favourite kind of teaware that suits your kind of teas best, ensuring both quality and your taste in mind. Most of the times, one has to compromise one or the other. Teafloor lets you buy great teaware without any compromises to make. The objective of our online tea store is to help you avail a great variety of tea and teaware, with ensured quality from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks.

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