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Kadak Ginger Chai

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Kadak Ginger Chai

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Kadak Ginger Chai



A spicy-sweet flavour of ginger mixed with high quality malty tea base, this Kadak Ginger chai is sure to make you feel at home. The blend has been designed keeping in mind the Indian palate’s desire for a punchy cup of tea.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration or FSSAI. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  • TypeCTC Tea

  • 50G57.14
  • 100G105.71
  • 500G505.71
  • 1000G880.00

Benefits of Kadak Ginger Chai

A cup of immunity

The antioxidants found in Kadak ginger chai help to fight free radicals, which otherwise lead to cell damage. With damage to cells, the body becomes weak, and all its forces of immunity weaken too. But thankfully, a cup of Kadak ginger tea daily can save you from that.

A cup of low calories

You can manage your weight better with Kadak ginger chai because it is great at reducing your appetite (thanks to the great water content). Also, it has fewer calories than most other drinks.

A cup against diabetes

The antioxidants in ginger and the apt amount of caffeine in this tea help balance your hormones. One of these hormones is insulin – the imbalance of which is the primary cause of diabetes.

A cup against cold and cough

Ginger has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which help it fight any microorganism demons that cause cold and cough. Also, the anti-inflammatory property of Kadak ginger tea helps reduce the pain and swelling of the sore throat.

A cup of energy

The appropriate amount of caffeine in Kadak ginger chai and the punch that the ginger brings along give you instant energy. They help you fight groggy mornings and afternoon slumps and help improve your productivity.

A cup of heart health

Ginger is famous for increasing blood circulation. That helps keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check. Thus, helping your heart keep up its good health.

A Blend Of ‘Gingerly’ Health And Energy

Did you know ginger is another word for ‘vigor’, ‘oomph’, and ‘enthusiasm’? No wonder the spice ginger is so dynamic. And that’s why, when you need a punchy cup of tea to fill you with zest and energy to conquer the day, Kadak ginger chai is your go-to friend. With the spicy-sweet flavor of ginger mixed with a high-quality malty tea base, this Kadak Ginger chai will make you feel at home.

The blackish-brown little grains of CTC chai mixed with dried ginger bits when infused with water bring a flavor and aroma you can only imagine if you haven’t tried a cup yet. There’s no Indian household that doesn’t know about the goodness of their evergreen ‘Kadak Adrak wali chai’ aka Kadak ginger tea. Want to try a fresh cup today?

  • Improves immunity
  • Supports weight management
  • Aids in controlling blood glucose

Know it, before you pour it.

Hand crafted special Tea and Teaware

Dry Leaf

Blackish-brown uniform grains blended with the likes of dried ginger.


Coppery-brown with light brown ginger bits visible.


The brewed tea with the right amount of spice from the ginger displays a beautiful golden brown cup, with a spicy sweet aroma.

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